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5 Great Resources on the Importance of Sleep

Many of us are guilty of saying that sleep is overrated. But it’s not. Sleep is vital to our personal health and safety, and the amount of sleep we get each night can impact our job performance and the safety of others. These resources will wake you and your workers up to the significance of sufficient sleep and how much sleep is needed for us to function effectively at work.

1. The connection between sleep and your health

Find out how common insufficient sleep and sleep disorders really are, and how one’s health is closely linked to sleep and fatigue.

2. Sleep Talk: All the Latest News in Sleep

Stay informed and up to date on this fast-growing and evolving field. MedSleep shares its expertise and advancements in sleep research.

3. How awake are you? Take the test

Not sure if you’re losing sleep? Take this online test to find out. This 5-minute challenge tests your alertness and your ability to react quickly to avoid an accident. Good luck!

4. Learning about quality sleep

Find out when you are in your deepest sleep, how long it typically lasts, and tips on how to get a better sleep.

5. Dispelling the myths about sleep

Is snoring harmless? If you’re driving, will turning up the radio in the car keep you awake? The U.S. National Sleep Foundation separates myth from fact. Now that you understand why sleep should be taken seriously and what may be required to ensure fatigue doesn’t interfere with safety in your workplace or the health of your workers – get in touch with us to find out how sleep apnea testing and fatigue management can help.