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Dr. Melissa Snider-Adler Discusses Cannabis Legalization on “The Agenda with Steve Paikin”

Oct 24, 2018 [Ayr, ON] – Our very own Chief Medical Review Officer, Dr. Melissa Snider-Adler featured among other experts on “The Agenda with Steve Paikin” discussing some of the mystery surrounding legalization of Cannabis.

Proud to have Dr. Snider-Adler as a part of our family!



October 24th, 2018 | administrator

Sales & Marketing Manager, Jeremy Thiel Talks All Things DC with The Lead Pedal Podcast

Oct 24, 2018 [Ayr, ON] – Always a great conversation with Bruce Outridge @theleadpedal. Learn about who DriverCheck is, and what we do!

October 24th, 2018 | administrator

Extended Hours at Edmonton West Clinic

Aug 21, 2018 [Ayr, ON] – Oh yes, we did! We are pleased to announce that our Edmonton West clinic will be open for extended hours starting Aug. 27 until Oct. 8.

We realize that this is a busy time of the season for many organizations in the Edmonton region, so we are opening our doors longer to help accommodate after-hours requests and streamline your fitness for duty testing requirements.

The clinic will be open from 8:00 am until 8:00 pm, Monday to Sunday and is conveniently located at:

Edmonton West – DriverCheck Clinic
11430 168th Street Northwest
Suite 104
Edmonton, AB
T5M 3T9
Ph: (800) 463-4310

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Client Support at (800) 463-4310, option 6, or by email at


DriverCheck Team

August 21st, 2018 | administrator

Canada’s First Roadside Saliva Test for Cannabis Awaits Final Approval

Aug 2, 2018 [Ayr, ON] – After much deliberation, the Federal Government is set to approve Canada’s first roadside saliva testing device, just in time for October 17 legalization.

Roadside saliva testing devices were authorized by bill C-46 and will assist police officers in testing drivers roadside for THC, the main psychoactive component in cannabis.

Recommended devices had to be approved by the Attorney General, Jody Wilson-Raybould, with the advice of an independent board of toxicologists and traffic safety experts.

The DrugTest 5000, is the first device set for approval as Wilson-Raybould has given a 30-day notice of a ministerial order.

The DrugTest 5000 onsite digital testing system for the qualitative detection of amphetamines, cocaine metabolites, opiates and cannabinoids in oral fluid samples.

The device is manufactured by German company Dräger and has already been approved in other countries, although it may be modified to meet Canadian standards.

Today, police use a standardized field sobriety test to monitor impaired driving roadside. The DrugTest 5000, will provide police with a more accurate way to detect recent drug use.

A failed test gives police reasonable grounds to bring a driver back to the station where a certified drug recognition expert (DRE) will do some more testing. This testing could include a blood test and physical examination.

With the legalization date pushed back to Oct.17, there is a chance that police will be equipped with the devices early enough, but the ministerial order stills needs to wait for a 30-day notice period before any devices are ordered and frontline officers are trained on their use.

Note: The exact cut off levels that will be used have not yet been released.

For more information or questions regarding this article please email:

August 2nd, 2018 | administrator

DriverCheck’s First Annual Fitness for Duty Summit – Register Now!

August 2, 2018 [Ayr, ON] – More than ever, Canadian employers are faced with the challenge of trying to ensure the safety of the workplace, their employees, co-workers, the general public and the environment. Many questions and concerns loom for employers on a variety of topics including the pending legalization of cannabis for adult use scheduled for October 17 and no defined test for impairment, the significant growth of medicinal cannabis authorizations exceeding 300,000 patients, the opioid epidemic that has taken Canada by storm and mental health being the #1 cause of disability and the stigma associated with mental illness.

Given these ongoing challenges and the goal of being Canada’s fitness for duty experts, DriverCheck Inc. is ecstatic to announce the first annual Fitness for Duty Summit being held on Oct. 3 and 4 in Milton, ON. The objective is to provide valuable information and resources to employers so that they can put actionable items in place to achieve and ensure safety in the workplace.

What is Fitness for Duty?

Fitness for duty programs differ from company to company, but typically includes a type of medical examination(s) of a current employee/candidate to determine whether the employee/candidate is physically or psychologically able to perform the job. It is through these medical tests and assessments that an opinion is formed to determine if the employee/candidate may have a condition that could prevent them from performing the job’s essential functions, or inability to perform it safely.

Work safe for the moments that matter.

During this two day seminar, industry experts from a range of sectors will cover topics that impact safety sensitive occupations in the workplace, both physical and mental. Discussions and presentations will include cannabis (adult recreational use and medicinal), the opioid epidemic, occupational health, mental health and the power of focused thinking (mindfulness).

Fitness for Duty Summit Agenda

On day one, a focus will be on the impact of drugs in the workplace, including discussions on the pending legalization of cannabis in October and medicinal cannabis considerations, duty to accommodate and legal considerations. Presenters will include:

Agenda: Day 1 – Cannabis Challenges and Considerations (Oct. 3, 2018)

7:45am – 8:30am: Registration and Networking

8:30am – 8:45am: Welcome!

                                 Stay Safe: A Personal Story

                                   Dianne Holmes, DriverCheck Inc.

8:45am – 9:45am: The Quest for an Impairment Test

                                   Connor Page, DriverCheck Inc.

9:45am – 10:45am: Facing the Challenge of Cannabis in the Workplace

                                    Barbara Butler, Barbara Butler & Associates Inc. Management Consultants

10:45am – 11:00am: Break

11:00am – 12:00pm: Fitness for Duty: TTC’s Journey to Drug and Alcohol Testing

                                       Peter Bartz, Toronto Transit Commission (TTC)

12:00pm – 1:00pm: Lunch and Raffle Prizes

1:00pm – 2:00pm:  Managing Cannabis in the Workplace

                                    Jason Fleming, MedReleaf

2:00pm – 3:00pm: Canadian Cannabis Craze

                                    Dr. Melissa Snider-Adler, Chief Medical Review Officer, DriverCheck Inc.

3:00pm – 3:15pm: Break

3:15pm – 4:15pm:  Panel Discussion

                                   Moderated by Dr. Jonathan Davids, DriverCheck Inc.

4:15pm – 4:30pm: Closing Remarks

Day two will focus on one’s health, body and mind. In practice, there is room for improvement for everyone, and we will dig deeper in to both the physical and psychologic side when developing a fitness for duty program for the workplace.

Agenda: Day 2 – Physical and Psychological Considerations in the Workplace (Oct. 4, 2018)

7:45am – 8:30am: Registration and Networking

8:30am – 8:45am: Welcome!

8:45am – 9:45am: Focus on Safety with Mindfulness

                                   Trish Tutton, Speaker, Yoga & Meditation Teacher

9:45am – 10:45am: Occupational Health Considerations

                                     Dr. Jonathan Davids, DriverCheck Inc.

10:45am – 11:00am: Break

11:00am – 12:00pm: Opioid Use & Workplace Safety

                                       Dr. Iris Greenwald, Medical Review Officer, DriverCheck Inc.

12:00pm – 1:00pm: Lunch

1:00pm – 2:00pm: The Role of the Occupational Health Nurse in Managing Mental Health Claims

                                    Drew Sousa and Amy Connell – OOHNA

2:00pm – 3:00pm: Addressing THE Epidemic: The True Costs of Mental Health/Addictions

                                  Issues in the Workplace and What’s Being Done About It

                                   Paul Radkowski – Life Recovery Program

3:00pm – 3:15pm: Break

3:15pm – 4:15pm: Panel Discussion

                                  Moderated by Paul Gardiner

4:15pm – 4:30pm: Event Wrap Up – Thank you to everyone for attending!


To register for this event, please click here: Fitness for Duty Summit. Space is limited, so tickets will be approved on a first come, first serve basis.

Register soon as our recent events have sold out!

The price of registration is $420 plus applicable taxes.



See you soon,

DC Team

August 2nd, 2018 | administrator

The Private Motor Truck Council of Canada has Announced it’s 2018 Western Regional Seminar!

Aug 01, 2018 [Ayr, ON] –The Private Motor Truck Council of Canada has announced it’s 2018 Western regional seminar as part of its ongoing series of cross-country educational half-day conferences.  The seminar will be held on Wednesday, September 12th in Calgary, AB.

The seminar will run from 8:00 am to 12:30 pm and will cover many topics that are at the forefront of the Trucking Industry. The seminar will have presenters from the Alberta Ministry of Labour, Alberta Transportation Solutions, Alberta Department of Transportation as well as the Department of Alberta Justice and the Solicitor General. In addition, there will be an update on the National ELD Timelines, a presentation from Responsible Distribution Canada, and a panel of Private Fleet Members from Alberta discussing their biggest challenges in the workplace.

One of the advantages of being a member of the PMTC is that the PMTC actively seeks opportunities to provide members with access to leaders in the trucking industry who provide information and practical solutions to keep their companies informed and better able to be prepared to protect the interests of their companies and employees. “ This action-packed seminar has something for everyone, is chalked full of information, and will provide excellent education and networking opportunities for anyone involved in the transportation industry”, says PMTC President Mike Millian.

 The seminar will begin with PMTC President Mike Millian providing a brief update on the Canadian ELD proposal and Timelines in Canada. Alberta Carrier Services will then provide an Update on Alberta’s current ELD and HOS position.

 Next, Tracey Johnson, Industry Workplace Partnerships with the Workplace Solutions Division of Alberta’s Ministry of labour will speak on her role, working with Industry identifying workplace issues and challenges and speak about the Canada Alberta Job Grant and how workplaces can access funds to help cover the costs of training.

 Next up will be Chris Beringer, Director of Alberta’s Transportation Solutions, who will briefly describe his role at the Alberta Department of Transportation. Chris will then moderate a panel of Alberta PMTC Fleet Members who will discuss their biggest challenges and issues in their workplace. The panel will talk about what has worked for them, what hasn’t, and the support they would like to see from both Government and Industry to help alleviate these challenges.

Following a break, Trudy Nastiuk, ED of Compliance Services with the Alberta Department of Transportation will discuss the departments New Carrier Intervention Model, which kicked off in March. Trudy will be able to reflect on how the program has been working so far, what they are seeing, and opportunities for improvement. She will also discuss several other timely initiatives the Department is working on to partner with Industry to improve road safety.

Up next we will hear from Jacquie Daumont, acting chief of Commercial Vehicle Enforcement with the Alberta Justice and Solicitor General. Jacquie will discuss on road enforcement, what they see, the biggest issues, and how carriers can prepare for and improve their results.

Wrapping the half-day seminar up will be Cathy Campbell, President of Responsible Distribution Canada. RDC is a not-for-profit trade association for the distribution sector of the Canadian chemical industry. Cathy will present on what RDC does and its role in road and supply chain safety.

RDC is committed to taking every practical precaution towards ensuring that chemical products and services do not present an unacceptable level of risk to its employees, customers, the public or the environment.

RDC’s members adhere to a management program known as Responsible Distribution, which ensures a continual reduction of incidents that may result in or threaten injury to people or damage to the environment.


Register Now

Space is limited, so people are encouraged to register early by contacting Annette Kieft at

You can also register online at or proceed to our Registration Form.

Please feel free to call the office for more details as well at 905-827-0587.

Registration is just $50 for a PMTC and Responsible Distribution Canada member, and $100.00 for non-members. Location details will be provided upon registration.

Interested in Sponsoring?

Sponsors are also being welcomed and start at only $500.00, if you are interested in sponsoring the event, please contact Annette for details at, or register online at .



DriverCheck Family

August 1st, 2018 | administrator

New Drug Testing Panel to be Implemented on June 4

May 31, 2018 [Ayr, ON] – Please be advised that DriverCheck will be implementing an expanded opioid testing panel for lab-based drug tests for all of our clients effective as of June 4, 2018.


All clients will be moved to the new expanded opioid panel for any lab-based testing effective June 4, 2018;


Earlier this year, we advised all DriverCheck clients that the Department of Transportation (DOT) expanded the drug testing panel to include four new opioids (oxycodone, oxymorphone, hydrocodone, hydromorphone) in an effort to improve safety and to assist those impacted by the opioid crisis. The regulation change has also resulted in more comprehensive Medical Review Officer (MRO) requirements.

We have already made the necessary changes for DOT regulated programs to be in compliance with the new regulations, which were effective as of January 1, 2018. We are now mirroring this regulatory change with programs that are not regulated by the DOT.

The reasoning behind this is threefold:

1. The DOT is the gold standard in North America for laboratory-based urine drug testing programs.
2. We anticipate the Canadian Model will be incorporating this change into their next version coming out shortly (for those companies that follow it).
3. The laboratory will be making the old 5 panel test obsolete in the future.

Lab-based Urine Testing

Below is a list of the revisions to be implemented in the existing lab-
based urine drug test panel. Please note that this extended panel will reference ‘opioids’ instead of what is currently referred to as ‘opiates’, effective as of June 4, 2018.

The opioid testing panel will now also include:

Below is the list of the old standard 5 panel lab-based urine drug test cut-off levels versus the newly introduced cut-off levels for opioids. 
















If your drug testing program includes more substances than noted in the above chart, there are no changes to those drug panels and cut-off levels will remain the same.

Lab-based urine panel names will now be reported as follows:

Old Panel Name New Panel Name
5 Panel + OXY 5 Panel


POCT Urine Testing

We are currently working with the laboratory to determine when the new extended opioid testing panel will be available for urine point of care testing (POCT). We will send a communication in the future explaining options once details are confirmed.

If your company would like to stay as consistent as possible with the new DOT drug testing panel, at this time you are able to add only oxycodone to your POCT urine testing program.

If you would like to add oxycodone to your POCT urine testing panel, please contact our Client Support Group to have this set up.

Please note that if a POCT test is non-negative for opioids, the confirmation only includes the analyte(s) that tested non-negative on the POCT test.

The POCT urine testing kits will remain the same, but the panel names will now be reported as follows:

Old Panel Name New Panel Name
5 Panel 7 Panel Urine POCT
5 Panel + OXY 8 Panel Urine POCT
5 Panel + FEN 7 Panel + Fentanyl Urine POCT
5 Panel + OXY + FEN 8 Panel + Fentanyl Urine POCT


Oral Fluid (Saliva) Lab-based Testing

To keep in harmony with lab-based urine testing and the extended opioid panel, effective as of June 4, 2018 oral fluid (saliva) lab-based testing will include oxycodone, hydrocodone, and hydromorphone.

Oxymorphone is not currently available for the oral fluid lab-based testing panel, but we will make an announcement once the laboratory can accommodate this request.

Please note that results from oral fluid (saliva) lab-based testing will be reported as ‘opioids’ instead of what is currently reported as ‘opiates’.

Hair Follicle Testing

Please note that results from hair follicle testing will be reported as ‘opioids’ instead of what is currently reported as ‘opiates’.

Hair follicle testing will continue to test for all opioids that are included in the new standard 5 panel lab-based urine drug test.

Alcohol and Drug Testing Policy

In preparation of these changes, we strongly encourage you to review your existing alcohol and drug policy to see how it may be impacted by these changes.

We recommend that your policy references only the drug classes vs. specific drugs or cut-off levels. We advise you to follow up with your legal counsel or policy provider to make any necessary updates.

If you have any questions about the changes noted above, please don’t hesitate to contact Client Support at (800) 463-4310, option 6, or by email at


DriverCheck Team

May 31st, 2018 | administrator

“Cannabis in the Workplace” Educational Seminar Visits Calgary

April. 13, 2018 [Calgary, AB] – Medical cannabis authorizations continue to increase at an alarming rate across Canada, and with the legalization of cannabis scheduled for 2018, concerns are being raised regarding the impact this will have on employees and the workplace.

Join us for this educational seminar about “Cannabis in the Workplace”, on Wed. May 2 in Calgary, AB. This will be an open discussion highlighting the challenges employers may face with the evolving landscape of medical cannabis and pending legalization.

The price of registration is $50 + applicable taxes per ticket.

To register please follow this link: Cannabis in the Workplace

If you have any questions about the event, please contact Kristen Gouveia, Marketing Coordinator at



Date: Wed. May 2, 2018

Time: 9:30 am – 2:30 pm

Location: Sheraton Cavalier Calgary Hotel, 2620 32nd Avenue NE, Calgary, AB


9:30 am – 10:00 am: Welcome & Registration!

10:00 am – 10:15 am: Opening Remarks

10:15 am – 11:45 am: Cannabis in the Workplace

Chris Wilkinson, Program Consultant, DriverCheck Inc.

11:45 am – 12:45 pm: Lunch

12:45 pm – 2:15 pm: Navigating the Complexity of Medical Cannabis Accommodation

Shelly Bischoff, Founder and Director, Ptolemy & Associates Inc.

2:15 pm – 2:30 pm: Closing Remarks


April 13th, 2018 | administrator

Now Open Saturdays!

March 1, 2018 [Edmonton, AB] – We are pleased to announced that starting on March 10, DriverCheck will have 2 of our Alberta clinics open on Saturdays!

Edmonton West Clinic

Hours of Operation: 8:30 am to 5:00 pm.

Fort McMurray Clinic

Hours of Operation: 8:30 am to 12:00 pm


March 1st, 2018 | administrator

Agenda Announced for PMTC 2018 Conference and AGM

January 26, 2018 [Milton, ON] – The Private Motor Truck Council of Canada (PMTC) has announced the full agenda and schedule for its 2018 Conference.

“Each year those who attend the PMTC Annual Conference tell us it is one of the best educational and networking values they receive in the transportation industry. We believe this year’s line up of speakers continues to build on that reputation”, says PMTC President, Mike Millian. 

The conference will kick off the afternoon of June 13th with the Annual General Meeting for the membership.

On the evening of the 13th, Volvo Trucks Canada will host the PMTC Young Leaders Group Pre-Conference Cocktail Reception for conference sponsors, speakers, the PMTC Board of Directors and all PMTC Young Leaders Group members. Last year the pre-conference reception was attended in record numbers. This year the reception will be held in the Sponsors Exhibitors’ Showcase area to provide more value to our conference partners and those who attend the pre-conference cocktail reception.

On June 14th, starting at 8 am, the educational portion of the conference will begin and continue into the 15th.  Mixed in with this will be the PMTC awards program as well as several networking opportunities.

A schedule of topics and events is listed below, and the full brochure with details and registration is up on the PMTC website at

This year’s conference will take place at the Crowne Plaza-Fallsview, in Niagara Falls, ON.

Registration opened on January 2nd. For more information and sponsorship opportunities, you may also email Hinna Shaukat at, or call the office at 905-827-0587.

June 14th

Seminar I – A Legal Update



PMTC Young Leaders Education Bursary
Up to two PMTC Young Leaders will be awarded with the PMTC Young Leaders Education Bursary, which provides funds to cover two of the four courses offered from CITT that comprise the “PMTC Logistics Management Graduate Program”.  

Exhibitors’ Showcase
Visit with our conference exhibitors and network with fellow registrants.  Meet old friends, make some new ones, and see products and services that can make your fleet more effective.

PMTC – CPC Logistics Canada Driver Hall of Fame Luncheon
Every year we induct up to four professional drivers who have compiled outstanding safety records over the course of their career.   Recognizing their individual achievements is always a conference highlight.



Exhibitors’ Showcase
An opportunity to network with your peers, continue conversations, and visit with exhibitors during our reception before the Chairman’s Dinner.

Chairman’s Dinner: PMTC-AVIVA Private Fleet Safety Awards
Recognizing private fleets with exceptional safety records is an important part of the conference.  Join us for the presentation of the 2018 awards and dine with the private fleet community.

PMTC-KRTS Driver Training Scholarship

Fleets can’t achieve amazing safety records without qualified and trained drivers. After the Fleet Safety awards conclude, we will award one lucky PMTC member with the PMTC-KRTS Driver Training Scholarship. The recipient will receive the funds to cover a 200-hour TTSAO or PTDI Certified Professional Truck Driver course.

June 15th

Following breakfast you’ll be treated to a video display of some of the best truck graphics to be found anywhere. These fleets are proud of their image, as they should be. Always a highlight of the conference!


Right after the conclusion of the Graphics awards we will present our inaugural Rick Austin Dispatcher of the year recipient. Dispatchers are an integral part of any fleet, and one that is often overlooked.



January 26th, 2018 | administrator