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Alcohol and Drug Testing:

Policy Development
Supervisor and Employee Education

Test Type:

Lab based urine
POCT urine
Lab-based oral fluid
Lab-based hair
Breath Alcohol
Saliva Alcohol
Urine Ethanol

Testing scenarios required:

Pre-Employment, Pre-Certification, Pre-Access
Post-Accident, Post-Incident
Reasonable Cause

Return to Duty

Fatigue Management:

Sleep Apnea Testing
Scheduling and Shift Work Analysis
Organizational Fatigue Risk Review

Occupational Health Services:

Physical Abilities Testing
Occupational Medical Examinations
Provincial Driver Medical Examinations
Medical Surveillance
Audiometric Testing
Hearing Surveillance
Pulmonary Function Testing
Respirator Fit Testing
Chest X-Rays

Other Services:

Background Checks
Employee Assistance Programs

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