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Manager of Industrial Medical Services

Nature and Scope of Work

The primary focus of the Manager of Industrial Medical Services is to manage and help grow the On-Site Medical Department and its staff. The Manager of Industrial Medical Services will work independently on various projects, offer leadership and guidance to staff reporting to you, operate successfully in a very fast paced and hectic environment, and ensure that the clinics operate efficiently and effectively on a daily basis.  Finally, the Manager of Industrial Medical Services will be to uphold the DriverCheck Qualities of a Manager and to appropriately embody the DriverCheck Difference.

Location – it is preferred that this location be based out of Fort McMurray but we will accept applications for individuals outside of Fort McMurray (eg. Edmonton, Calgary).  For those that are outside of Fort McMurray, consideration will be given to those willing to relocate.

The specific duties and accountabilities of the manager include but are not limited to those outlined below.

Department-specific role and function for the management of medical clinics

  • Run the day to day operations of the clinic(s) including staff recruitment and performance management in conjunction with Human Resources
  • Staff training and onboarding of all positions
  • Staff scheduling for each site/project
  • Purchasing of clinic equipment, supplies and medications
  • Quality assurance functions regarding compliance with professional scopes of practice and business operational audits
  • Health and safety inspections and duties
  • Interface with clients and manage client relationships
  • Assist with the continued review and development of Medical and Emergency Medical Protocols
  • Work closely with the Medical Director
  • Maintain and develop as necessary the required safety plans, ISN certification, COR Certification and any other certification required in the future
  • Maintain and develop OHS Manual and Safe Work procedures and oversee reporting compliance with the Occupational Health & Safety Code, Workers’ Compensation and/or OSHA
  • Assist clients in developing Standard Operating Procedures
  • Act as casual staff/relief personnel at industrial medical clinics if necessary
  • Collaborate with other health and safety professionals to establish and promote injury prevention, wellness programs and initiatives
  • Customer service and relations as appropriate

Legal role and functions

  • Manage sensitive, confidential information while displaying sound and objective judgement
  • Plan and implement services in accordance with all legislative and regulatory boundaries including but not limited to standard industry practice and Scope of practice requirements
  • Be responsible for maintaining accurate medical records, in accordance with established medical records protocol

Customer service role and functions

  • Ensure high levels of quality and professional customer service
  • Work to create a service driven process
  • Service excellence is a core expectation
  • Handle client complaints

Health and Safety role and functions

  • Participate in Client Meetings
  • Assist in the development and roll-out of new programs, as applicable (e.g. Wellness Program)
  • Demonstrate commitment to health and safety
  • Set a standard of performance and behaviour (lead by example)
  • Communicate expectations for health and safety to co-workers
  • Promote health and safety awareness
  • Ensure training needs are identified and met
  • Instruct workers in safe procedures and practices
  • Correct unsafe practices or conditions
  • Ensure workers are aware of hazards and are trained to perform their job safely
  • Enforce health and safety standards and positively reinforce good behaviour

Required Skills and Qualifications

  • Must be licensed and a member in good standing with either the College and Association of Registered Nurses of Alberta (CARNA)
  • Certificate in Occupational Health – OHNC or National Certification with the Canadian Occupational Health Nurses Association COHN(C)
  • Must have knowledge of the College’s standards of practice, and advanced knowledge in assessment, diagnosis and health care management
  • Current BLS-HCP, ITLS and/or TNCC and/or ACLS is required or willingness to obtain
  • Must possess or be willing to possess CSTS, PST, WHMIS, H2S training
  • A minimum of 3 years of primary care, emergency/critical/acute care and/or occupational health coupled with advanced skills in assessment, diagnosis and health care management
  • Minimum 5-10 years of nursing and occupational health nursing experience with demonstrated leadership capability
  • Possess superior competence in Excel and Medgate
  • Must have excellent written, verbal and interpersonal communication skills with proven ability to work effectively across multiple functional areas and various professional disciplines
  • Have superior interpersonal, communication and public relations skills
  • Demonstrate excellent critical thinking, decision-making and problem-solving skills
  • Valid driver’s licence is also required
  • NOTE: These positons are subject to pre-access alcohol and drug testing and proof of current immunization status


  • 8:30 am – 5:00 pm, Monday to Friday
  • Occasional travel required, mostly within Alberta

Applicants should email their resumes to or fax to 519-632-9534.