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Our Team

We hand-picked our medical experts and staff to ensure you and your employees get the best quality service possible. Come meet the members of our team.

Executive Team

Our innovative group of leaders is responsible for our continued growth. They led the introduction of DOT-regulated drug and alcohol testing programs in Canada, and follow drug and alcohol and occupational health medical program advances closely as they evolve and change. We keep on top of new testing technologies, adapting our offerings with new services and improved efficiencies as required to help your company meet program objectives, and keep your workforce and the public healthy and safe.

Meet our Executive Team

Dr. Chris Page, M.D., M.R.O., President

Hello, and welcome to DriverCheck. I am the founder and proud owner of this company. What I like most about us? We deliver. DriverCheck always puts workplace and general health and safety initiatives first – and that’s why employers, workers, agencies, and individuals trust us to provide them with quality assessment and testing programs, integrity, and value. When I began this company in 1996, I set out to develop the standards for workplace medical testing and assessments in Canada, and promulgate those standards throughout the industry. I am proud to say that we have achieved this – but it’s just the start. Our goal is to go global, and to bring the best practices we have created here in Canada to the rest of the world.

About Dr. Page: After graduating from Queen’s University Medical School, Dr. Page became one of the first full time emergency medicine specialists in Canada, practicing in emergency medicine for over twenty years. He is also the founder of the Kitchener-Waterloo Urgent Care Clinics, focusing on non-emergency primary care and one of the first Canadian physicians to become a U.S. certified Medical Review Officer and is now widely regarded in the medical, legal, and business circles as an expert in drug and alcohol testing and the U.S. DOT regulations. His role as Medical Director at the Hamilton Methadone Clinic has given him valuable experience in the field of addictions, augmenting his Medical Review practice at DriverCheck. See Dr. Page’s resume for more information on his background and experience in the field.

Maggie Dunnett, General Manager

Welcome! I am a member of the original DriverCheck team and a McMaster graduate with a degree in biology. I have had the opportunity to work in nearly every role in the company since its inception in 1996, and am now proud co-owner. I love to promote and maintain the family business atmosphere throughout the company. Our staff are part of our extended family and are truly passionate about providing the highest level of service to our wonderful clients and I am honoured to be surrounded by such a fantastic group. Outside of work, I live in a rural area with my amazing husband and two phenomenal boys, one a black belt in karate, and enjoy kickboxing and a good book.

Dianne Holmes, Operations Manager

I have had the privilege of working for DriverCheck since 1996 and proudly hold the honour of being the company’s first employee. Being here since the beginning has allowed me to learn the company from the ground up. I love that DriverCheck is family owned and proudly Canadian. In my spare time I enjoy cheering on my kids at their sporting events, genealogy and ATVing in the backwoods of the Ottawa Valley.

Dr. Barry Kurtzer, B.Sc., M.D., M.R.O., Medical Director

Dr. Kurtzer has practiced Occupational Medicine since 1977, running a full-scale occupational health clinic in Ontario for 15 years. He also worked as Medical Director for several large and small corporations alike, and has served as Chair of the Medical Advisory Group at Toronto-Pearson International Airport, and Occupational Medicine Consultant to the Government of Ontario’s workforce. In addition to occupational health, Dr. Kurtzer has provided Drug and Alcohol Testing Programs and services to Canadian business and industry since 1977, including the introduction of U.S. DOT regulatory testing programs to Canada’s trucking sector in 1996. His experience in expert witness testimony and consultation is extensive. Dr. Kurtzer has testified at arbitration hearings, court cases, Labour Relations Board hearings, and Human Rights Commission hearings, and has provided expert written submissions to Child Custody courts, Workers’ Compensation Boards, and private companies in preparation for hearings of various types. Dr. Kurtzer was previously the Chief Medical Review Officer at DriverCheck for twelve years.

Our Team of Medical Experts

To ensure the integrity of our testing and assessment processes, we hand-picked our in-house physicians and certified Canadian-licensed Medical Review Officers (MROs) from the best in the field. Together, they have decades of experience providing expert witness consultation and testimony, in case anyone raises questions about your program.

Meet our Team of Medical Experts

Dr. Chris Page, M.D., M.R.O., President

See Executive Team for Dr. Page’s bio.

Dr. Barry Kurtzer, Medical Director

See Executive Team for Dr. Kurtzer’s bio.

Dr. Melissa Snider-Adler, M.D., C.C.F.P., M.R.O. (AAMRO), D,A.B.A.M., Chief Medical Review Officer

Dr. Snider-Adler is the Chief Medical Review Officer for DriverCheck. Her background is in Family Medicine, but has worked primarily in the field of Addiction for the last sixteen years. Dr. Snider-Adler is certified as a Medical Review Officer by the American Association of Medical Review Officers. She is also a Diplomat of the American Board of Addiction Medicine. Dr. Snider-Adler is an Assistant Professor at Queen’s University Department of Family Medicine educating residents about addiction medicine. She was one of the authors of the 2011 Methadone Maintenance Treatment Program Standards and Clinical Guidelines and continues to work as a Peer Assessor for the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario where she also sits on the Methadone Assessors Committee. Dr. Snider-Adler gives talks across Canada to companies, physicians and the community about workplace substance abuse and addiction prevention and treatment.

Dr. Iris Greenwald, M.D., C.C.F.P., M.R.O. (AAMRO), D,A.B.A.M.

Dr. Greenwald graduated from the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Medicine, and completed a Family Medicine Residency at Women’s College Hospital in Toronto. She practiced family medicine for many years, and developed a strong interest in Addiction Medicine. She is currently working in several Addiction Medicine clinics, with a special interest in Opiate Agonist Treatment. She served as Medical Director for several of these addiction clinics, prior to becoming certified as a Medical Review Officer. Dr. Greenwald sits on both the Assessor’s Advisory Group and the Methadone Assessors Committee at the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario.

Dr. Gerhard Benade, MBChB, CCFP, M.Med, M.R.O. (AAMRO), MBA

Dr. Benade has been practising medicine for 23 years after graduating from the University of Stellenbosch (South Africa) and completing his residency in general and emergency medicine. He went on to complete a Masters in Medicine specialty residency in Community Health in 1995 (South Africa). He moved to Canada in 1996 to continue his practice in Family, Emergency and Preventive Medicine. He also completed post graduate enhanced skills training in Occupational Medicine, as a Clinical Fellow, at the University of Alberta in 2014. He currently holds physician leadership appointments with Alberta Health Services and is also an assistant clinical professor in the Faculty of Medicine, University of Alberta. He holds full licensure with the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta to practice Family, Emergency and Public Health & Preventive Medicine. His scope of practise includes occupational medicine, regional hospital acute care, communicable disease control and travel health. He serves as an ACLS Medical Director for the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada and is also an AAMRO certified medical review officer.

Dr. Adam Blackman MD, FRCPC, D.ABPN (Certified Sleep Medicine, MedSleep FM)

Dr. Adam Blackman graduated from the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Toronto and subsequently completed specialty training in psychiatry and a sleep medicine fellowship. Prior to founding MedSleep, he was the Medical Director of the Toronto Western Hospital, Sleep and Alertness Clinic. Dr. Blackman is an assistant professor of the University of Toronto and teaches both residents and sleep medicine fellows. He has also been actively involved in establishing sleep medicine standards with both the Canadian Sleep Society and the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario.

Customer Service Team

In our industry, we know time is of the essence. So your phone calls are always answered promptly by an actual live person during regular business hours. We’ve built our phone system to ensure you’ll always have the option of connecting to a live person in the department you’re calling. No voice mail, no run-arounds. Your time is too important.

Meet our Customer Service Team

Vivianne Entz, Manager

I started in the results department in 1999, when we were still in the barn. Now I manage the Customer Service Department. It’s amazing to see and be part of the growth and change DriverCheck has experienced over the years. Even though we’re no longer that little company working out of the owner’s barn, I like that we’ve preserved that family feel. And because the business is growing and changing, there is something new to learn every day. I also have a cookbook obsession and enjoy good food. Visiting Pompeii, Italy one day is high on my must-do list.

Amanda Rowley

I have been working at DriverCheck since 2007 and am the Manager of our Client Support Group. I like that we are a family-owned and operated business that truly cares about its staff and treats them like family. When I’m not working, I love to travel – preferably warm destinations!


Angie Johnson

I have been a Customer Service Representative in the booking department since December of 2011. I like that at DriverCheck you are treated like a person, instead of a number. When I’m not at work, I am taking care of my “kids” – two beagles, Roo and Murphy, who I rescued from a shelter and puppy mill.


Christina Roesler

I became part of the DriverCheck team in 2010. In addition to Customer Service, I am a trained collector, and help out at DriverCheck clinics when needed. I love the team environment here, and how everyone works together to give clients the best service possible. In the summer, I play on two slo-pitch teams during the week, and in as many tournaments as I can. I also like camping, and look forward to many adventures in the years to come.

Joan Hansen

I have been the Receptionist at DriverCheck’s headquarters in Ayr since 2006. During this time, I have met many wonderful people, both within the company, and visitors to DriverCheck. In my spare time, I am a repairwoman, fixing photocopiers, headsets, and whatever else comes my way.

Laurie Bolton

I started in booking in July, 2003, then moved into the role of collection site coordinator. I like the fast-paced environment here, there’s never a dull moment. I also love the close-knit team of people I work with. In the off-hours, I am the decorating queen. If it doesn’t move, I paint it. My motto is, live to laugh and laugh to live!

Lianna Keogh

I became one of the ‘chicks’ at DriverCheck in 2011, after the company merged with my past employer, OSAD and Canada Wide Mobile. I am currently an account manager for several clients and am in charge of programs we provide to child protection agencies. With a degree in Psychology and Business Finance, I thrive on the new and exciting challenges at DriverCheck. I am also a very proud hockey mom!


Marjorie Dunlavey

I am pleased to be part of the DriverCheck team. My husband Ray and I are certified trainers, technicians and coordinators for several clients. What I like most about working here is the friendliness of the management team. I also like the one-on-one contact (preferring phone to e-mail) with the company’s collection sites. I live on a farm in beautiful, eastern Quebec.

Mary-Dale Carey

I began working for DriverCheck in October 2003 and have been in Customer Service since day one. I am now responsible for new client setups and am one of several bilingual people in the office. I love being able to use my French on a daily basis!

Theresa Rowe

I’ve worked in Customer Service since 2007 and enjoy joking around with our clients and sites. It’s a great way to get through the busy days. You should also know that I’m an avid airplane enthusiast who collects model airplanes, and who has taken to the skies in a few vintage planes and helicopters. Not really a girly hobby, but I like it!

Tiffany Vandewiel

I started working at DriverCheck in December of 2011. I love that you can walk in the door and feel like part of a family right away. I also enjoy building relationships with people across the country. It’s nice to be able to pick up the phone and speak with someone you have never met, but who you can talk to like you have been good friends for years.

Wendy Hopkins

I work in reception with Joan, which is where I belong! I love people and I love to talk! I have never felt so at home in a workplace before. Something about me? Christmas is my favourite time of year, and when it comes, I will be buried in decorations at my desk!

DriverCheck Clinics

To ensure that you and your employees get the best service possible, we hire and train a dedicated roster of certified collectors, technicians, nurses, and other specialists. Our team performs specimen collections and occupational medical testing in compliance with stringent industry standards to ensure accuracy and maintain confidentiality. We treat your employees with dignity and respect, and they’re in and out of our clinics without prolonged sacrificing of work time.

Meet our DriverCheck Clinics Team

Catherine Wilson, Regional Manager

I joined the DriverCheck family in September 2008 as a Customer Service Representative, scheduling appointments and learning a great deal about the company and the industry. In 2010, I became a certified collector for drug and alcohol testing and began managing DriverCheck’s first company-owned clinic in Kitchener, Ontario. December 2012 provided yet another opportunity, as I accepted the position of Regional Manager and helped the company open a new clinic in Calgary, Alberta. I love the family environment here, the opportunity for growth and the dedication of management and staff to do whatever it takes to take care of our customers and each other. I also love to travel, and have lived in Scotland and the United States.


Roza Zvonarova

I began working at DriverCheck as a certified technician in 2011. My primary role is to perform drug and alcohol, audiometric testing, pulmonary function testing, mask fitting, phlebotomy and ECG tests for clients. I really like being part of a team that promotes healthy and safe work environments. When I’m not at work – I’m cruising. I recently visited 6 countries in 10 days while on a Caribbean cruise!

Occupational Medical Department

Our medical department employs highly qualified and experienced nurses working under the guidance of our Medical Director, Dr. Barry Kurtzer, a physician who has provided organizations with occupational health programs since 1977. This team of experts helps you develop customized testing programs, and receive results that are accurate and complete.

Meet our Occupational Medical Department

Dr. Barry Kurtzer, Medical Director

See Executive Team for Dr. Kurtzer’s bio.

Christine Quick, R.N., Manager of Occupational Health Department

I currently oversee the daily operations of the Occupational Medical Department, coordinating workplace healthcare programs for clients in collaboration with Dr. Kurtzer and the DriverCheck team, and acting as a liaison between clients and service providers. I’m proud to work for a group with such a positive workplace culture, unwavering commitment to client satisfaction, and uncompromising integrity.

About Christine Quick: Christine has been involved in occupational health and safety work since joining DriverCheck after graduating from Conestoga College with Distinction in 2006 as a Registered Practical Nurse. In 2012, she received her RN BScN from McMaster University, where she graduated on the Dean’s Honour List and was a member of the Golden Key Honour Society. She also received the Robert Bruce Lebert Award for Excellence in Oncology/Palliative Care Nursing.

Kristin Gurney

I started my career at DriverCheck as the receptionist in September 2000. Since then, I have worked in every department, but spent most of my time in Results before moving into the Occupational Medical Department in 2008. I love that I’m going non-stop from the moment I arrive until the end of the day. I also love my close knit team of co-workers, they are wonderful people!

Remote Medical Services Team

We only hire the most experienced and knowledgeable medical professionals to manage your Remote Medical Services. With decades of experience behind them, our team of experts in this field are truly committed to providing your workers with the most advanced emergency services and clinical care.

Meet our Remote Medical Services Team

Michelle Kelly, RN, BN, OHN(C) – Regional Manager – Western Canada

Michelle joined the DriverCheck team in Dec. 2015. Prior to this she worked as the Medical Centre Team Lead for Shell Canada Energy at the Albian Sands site in Fort McMurray for over seven years. Her role at Shell encompassed Fitness to work Medical Surveillance, WCB coordination, Recordability, Disability Management and Emergency Response. Michelle completed her Occupational Health Certificate with distinction in 2012, and has maintained her BLS, ACLS and ITLS. She also commenced her CRSP at the University of Alberta this year to compliment her OHN experience.

Drug & Alcohol Test Results Team

This department is dedicated to fast turnarounds and to treating you and your workers with dignity and respect. They review all drug tests for accuracy and completeness, and ensure that all communication with you and your employees is fair, professional and strictly confidential.

Meet our Drug & Alcohol Test Results Team


Drug and Alcohol Results Team

For safety reasons, DriverCheck is unable to release the full names and personal information of the staff working in this department.




I work the midnight shift in results, and handle the emergency after-hours calls during the week. I feel like I have a second family here, which is great.


My role at DriverCheck is Results Coordinator and Team Leader. And there are so many reasons why I enjoy working here, it’s hard to nail down just a few. Mainly, it’s the open door policy – I can go to my boss for anything. I also love how team-oriented we are. We work as a group and treat each other like family.


I began working in negatives in 2012 and I find DriverCheck to be a very welcoming work environment. I’m always learning something new and things are constantly changing – it keeps me on my toes!


I started working for this wonderful company in the results department in 2012 and I love every minute of it. We are a real team with a focus on customer service. I consider myself truly fortunate to be working with my peers here. In my off hours, I enjoy a good book and experiencing new adventures.


As a Coordinator, I take care of all of your needs when it comes to results. What I love most about working here is the relationships I have developed with co-workers and clients, and the warm, welcoming atmosphere!


I began working for DriverCheck in 2012 verifying negative results. I like that I’m always learning something new here!


I am the Bilingual Positive Results Coordinator at DriverCheck and have been part of the team since 2006. Over the years, the company has given me many opportunities to grow, which is one of the things that I enjoy most – as DriverCheck expands its service offering, I am able to grow along with it.


My name rhymes with canoe… just like the boat. I am Indian by origin, and Canadian by immigration. What I like about working here? How we all try to keep a positive attitude.



I have worked for DriverCheck since 2005 in both Positives and Negatives. I love the staff here – management and my co-workers are fun, friendly and supportive. On my wall is an assortment of certificates – a Bachelor of Arts degree with Honours in Biology, a minor in Psychology, and a minor in the History & Philosophy of Science.


My career with DriverCheck began in 2003. I am now the Plant Management Coordinator, handling issues related to the operation of the building. I also help out with the results department, and am a member of the Health and Safety Committee. This is a wonderful place to work because you aren’t just a number; you’re part of a family. When I’m not here, you can find me playing baseball, volleyball, drag racing, or camping with my other family!


I have been part of the DriverCheck team since 2012. The team that I work with in Results is very friendly and easy to get along with, which makes all of our jobs more enjoyable. And it’s a fast-paced environment, which is also something I like.


I’m DriverCheck’s Positive Results Coordinator and a veteran in the Results Department. Over the years, I have formed great working relationships with both clients and staff here at DriverCheck, and I love working for a company that values its clients and staff.

Program Consultant Team

At DriverCheck, we believe in being personal – our clients aren’t just a number to us. We strive to develop loyal and lasting working relationships with you. We keep in touch regularly, to ensure the quality of service we say we offer, is the quality of service you continue to receive.

Meet our Sales Team

Sheila Adams, Bilingual Program Consultant

I’ve been with DriverCheck since 2003, starting in customer service and now working as a sales consultant with the privilege of meeting many new people. On a personal note, I am a mother of 5, captain of a co-ed volley ball team, executive member for the Burford Minor Hockey Association, and as a child I wanted to be a solid gold dancer!!!! I have conceded at the request of my children to only dance in the privacy of my home.

Chris Wilkinson, Program Consultant

Chris started his career in the fitness for duty industry by managing US DOT Transportation companies’ alcohol and drug testing programs. With over 5 years of US DOT program management experience, Chris has expanded his clientele list to include companies in the aviation sector, manufacturing, Canadian transportation and other various safety sensitive industries. Chris has a business Diploma from Humber College and is currently working towards his Human Resources certificate at Conestoga College with the end goal of obtaining his CHRP designation. Chris joined DC in December 2016 as a key component of an acquisition and made an immediate impact as a member of the team.

Philippe Langlois, Program Consultant for Quebec

After working as a DriverCheck collector in Quebec for several years, I joined the sales team in 2012. What’s great about this place is that everyone is treated with respect. Outside of work hours, I keep busy year-round – sailing and cycling in the summer, and skiing in the winter.

Anne Skipp, On-Site Sales Division

With a background in clinical chemistry, I created DriverCheck’s on-site sales division in 1998. We ensure that we provide only the best quality, Health Canada-approved alcohol and drug testing products at a very competitive price. At DriverCheck, we believe in old fashioned business values and we work closely with our suppliers to provide our customers with the very best service.

Marketing and Business Development Team

We strongly believe in relationships with our clients that are built on loyalty and trust. DriverCheck is your source for information on emerging trends in the industry and we are committed to ensuring that you are kept up to date.

Meet our Marketing and Business Development Team

Connor Page, CA, CPA – Manager

In joining the DriverCheck team in August, 2010, I was the last of our immediate family to be employed in the family business – thereby closing the nepotistic loop, at least for another generation! After graduating from Queen’s University with a Bachelor in Commerce (Honours), in 2006 I began my career at KPMG in Toronto. Within 3 years at KPMG, I had obtained my Charted Accountant designation and decided to try something new. In 2009, I began working for a Real Estate company in Toronto called Fishman Holdings. The knowledge gained in this job has been useful for my work at DriverCheck, especially in dealing with landlords when setting up new clinics.

What do I like most about DriverCheck? I like that when we are in our office or our clinics, everyone is working their tails off. There’s a palpable buzz that you can hear and feel – music to my ears! In my spare time, you would catch me at a Blue Jays game or kicking back and watching some football while playing board games with friends on a Sunday afternoon.

Accounting Department

We make your invoicing process as simple and efficient as possible. We can customize your invoice, and can send one bill to your head office, or multiple invoices to different divisions within your company, if that works best for you. And if you have any questions, our accounting staff are just a phone call away.

Meet our Accounting Department

Stephanie Egan, Manager

I have worked for DriverCheck since 2005 and presently manage the Accounting Department. My position with the company involves overseeing most facets of Accounting, Payroll and Human Resources. When I am not looking at numbers or policies I am kept very busy by my two young daughters.

Christine Perriman

I started working at DriverCheck in 2008 and am currently the Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable Supervisor. I also take care of billing. I have loved my ever-changing role here and the challenges it brings. At home, my husband and I spend the winters at the arena and the summers at the ball park, as my 2 boys love their hockey and baseball – and we love every minute watching them!

Debbie La Belle

I started at DriverCheck in the customer service department in February of 2005, and moved to the accounting department in March of 2011. I appreciate how management is so supportive of family life and how they appreciate the work that their employees do. I am originally from Montreal, and am a HUGE Habs fan.

Gloria Hardie

You will find me in the Accounts Payable Department – but I get around to the rest of the office too, especially when the management team and social committee organize special events that often require bringing in freshly baked treats. My true passion is gardening. As soon as the weather is warm, you will find me in the perennial beds or sitting out by the pond watching the fish.

Jenny van Stuyvenberg

I have been at DriverCheck since 2009. I really enjoy the friendly, cooperative atmosphere that I have the pleasure of working in each day. And because the office happens to be made up mainly of women, the potlucks are amazing, with the added bonus of Li – one of just a few men in the office – who is our resident chef. When I’m not at work, I am a personal taxi driver for my three kids, and as a result, I get to attend numerous sporting activities. It is also important to note that I am an Ayr Flames fan.

Krystal Rosenberg

I have worked at DriverCheck since 2010 as the French Accounts Receivable Representative. When it comes to the company, no matter how much it seems to grow, there is always a feeling of closeness and caring. I am also a big L.A. Kings fan. During the NHL season, my first break of the day always involves checking out the standings and talking about the previous night’s games.