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The DC Difference

Discover the DriverCheck Difference and review a third-party audit that proves our commitment to excellence.

Medical Experts
  • Four in-house physicians and certified Canadian-licensed Medical Review Officers (MROs) closely oversee your programs.
  • Additional external MROs are based in Quebec (for French services) and Vancouver.
  • Backgrounds in addictions medicine.
  • Our Medical Director, Dr. Barry Kurtzer, is a leading expert on workplace alcohol and drug programs and has provided Occupational Health Programs to business and industry since 1977.
  • Our MROs can call on decades of combined experience providing expert witness consultation and testimony and are ready to assist, if you need help.
Superior Service
  • Live agents are available to answer your calls between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. EST (6 a.m. and 6 p.m. MST), 7 days a week.
  • You’ll always have the option of connecting to a live person in the department you’re calling.
  • Daily reports monitor call volume to ensure staffing meets demand.
  • Appointments can be requested online through our secure, web-based scheduling program.
  • You have secure online access to all test results around the clock.
  • One toll-free number (1-800-463-4310) to book tests and get administrative support.
  • Agents are always available for after-hours and emergency testing.
  • In many of our locations, we are a one-stop shop, capable of performing multiple services all in one place in one visit.
  • You’ll receive just one bill for all services completed across Canada.
Zipper Time

‘Zipper Time’ is a philosophy born out of our roots in drug and alcohol testing. The basic premise is that, by the time the individual has done up their zipper after providing a sample, the result should be reported to the client. We apply this philosophy to all of our services, including our occupational health and fatigue management services. What does this mean in practice?

  • Results from negative POCT and alcohol tests performed at our clinics are typically available within one hour of collection.*
  • Results from negative POCT tests and alcohol tests performed at third party clinics are typically available within one hour after we receive the results.*
  • Results from lab-based tests are available within 18-24 hours (negative) and 48-72 hours (positive) of delivery to lab.
  • Having a team of dedicated MROs help to improve turnaround time on non-negative tests.
  • Results for occupational health services are reviewed as soon as we receive them and are provided same day, assuming no follow up required.
  • Sleep apnea screening, testing, treatment and physician visits provide the fastest turnaround time in the industry, thanks to having the largest network of sleep labs and physicians in Canada. At our sleep labs, workers can be screened, diagnosed, and starting treatment within 3 days.
  • You can receive notification of test and assessment results by telephone, encrypted e-mail, fax, and/or through secure website access as soon as they’re verified.

*Note: When an alcohol and/or drug test is not carried out in conjunction with another medical test or assessment.

Extensive Coverage
  • We have the largest network of clinics in Canada and the U.S. Over 700 clinics across the country, plus nationwide mobile testing.
  • We’ll make arrangements to ensure we can provide the services you need at or near your location, where reasonably possible.
Protecting Privacy
Quality Control
  • We review every medical test and assessment for accuracy and completeness.
  • To maintain confidence in the accuracy of our drug test analysis, we regularly conduct quality assurance (blind sample) checks of our laboratories.
  • We only use qualified personnel to perform your testing procedures.
Independently Assessed

As part of our commitment to excellence, we put our processes and procedures to the test with a third party audit of our operations with the goal to become the gold standard in North America. In the review, the following key areas of our business were examined:

  • DriverCheck’s administrative operations and records
  • Corporate structure
  • Potential conflict of interest between our Medical Review Officers and laboratories
  • Laboratory results reporting
  • MRO training and verification process
  • Procedures to accomplish various types of testing (random, post-accident, etc.)
  • Submission of blind specimens
  • Training provisions for collectors and employers’ supervisors

The findings:

“In all of these areas, DriverCheck met or exceeded the regulatory requirements of the current DOT rules…the corporate goal is to provide the right service to their clients and to accomplish this correctly, i.e., according to the regulations. DriverCheck certainly has met this goal and continues to strive to maintain this high level of performance…”