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DriverCheck is entrusted with the care and testing of more than 6,000 diverse employers in Canada. Our client base covers all business and industry groups and sizes, and we serve individuals too.

We recognize that each client has unique needs and challenges, and work with you to develop an appropriate drug and alcohol, occupational health and/or fatigue management program comprised of workplace testing and assessment services tailored to your organizational needs.


DriverCheck has a long and successful track record managing alcohol and drug programs and provides the transportation sector with a wide range of occupational health and fatigue management/sleep apnea program services.


We develop our services according to the changing needs of modern employers, offering various drug, alcohol, occupational health and fatigue management/sleep apnea program services to keep workers healthy and workplaces safe.

Government and the Community

We are a trusted provider of industry-leading testing services with objective, defensible results for a diverse group of organizations, including child protection agencies.


We will arrange an alcohol or drug test or occupational health service for you, with private and confidential results released only to you or someone you authorize.