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Look for DriverCheck’s booth at the NL Occupational Health & Safety Association 2014 Conference & Trade Show

With some big topics on the agenda at the NLOHSA’s Health & Safety Conference this year, we’re sending one of our big guns out to Gander!

Jeremy Pittman, a certified Occupational Health Nurse (and more importantly, a Newfoundland and Labrador native) with over 17 years’ experience in the field will be manning the DriverCheck booth May 14h to 16th. We welcome you to visit our booth and pick Jeremy’s brain about the health and safety issues facing your workplace.

Having spent nine years working as an Occupational Health Nurse on various offshore oil and gas installations, mine sites, camps and other operational sites in St. John’s, Jeremy has a wealth of knowledge and experience in this area.

As a member of the DriverCheck sales team, Jeremy now assists companies in determining which medical testing and assessments they should be focusing on to mitigate the risks associated with drug and alcohol use, hazardous substances, and other issues in safety sensitive work environments and how our company can help.

Some of the big discussion items coming up at this year’s NLOHSA Conference include:

  • Confined Spaces – If this is an environment your workers will operate in, you’ll want to make sure they are fit for duty. A fit to work assessment will help prevent costly injuries and illnesses for workers operating in confined spaces. We can work with you to discuss the hazards your workers are exposed to – which will help define the required components of your company’s confined space fit to work assessment. From detecting phobias to examining the worker’s physical condition, our assessments will identify anything that could interfere with the employee’s ability to work in a confined space.
  • Hearing Conservation – Another topic on the agenda at the Conference is noise exposure. In 2009, the province made establishing and maintaining a hearing conservation program mandatory where noise exposures exceed permissible levels. We can help you comply with these regulations through a hearing surveillance program that includes audiometric testing and employee education on noise hazards.

Visit Jeremy at our booth if you’d like to find out more about how we can help you address these or other occupational health and safety issues in your workplace!