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SOLD OUT! Marijuana Unwrapped – Don’t Just Roll With It

December 9, 2016 [AYR, ON] – DriverCheck Inc. announces that it will host an educational event titled “Marijuana Unwrapped – Don’t Just Roll With It” on Wed. Jan. 25 in Milton, ON. This open-platform discussion will feature industry experts presenting about the challenges of cannabis in the workplace and the potential impact for those in safety sensitive occupations.

Medical marijuana authorizations continue to increase at an alarming rate across Canada, and with the legalization of cannabis scheduled for spring 2017, concerns are being raised regarding the impact this will have on employees and the workplace.

Marijuana has a variety of impairment effects, including reduced reaction times, irritability, loss of focus (attention to detail), lethargy, disengagement with reality and poor decision making. DriverCheck fields inquiries on a daily basis regarding concerns of cannabis use in the workplace, and employers want to be educated about what they can legally do, and not do. Employers understand the need to respect Human Rights – but safety is important – and they want to protect their staff and work environment with rock solid alcohol and drug policies.

Presentation topics will include workplace drug policies, the effects of marijuana on one’s duty to perform safety sensitive roles and the legal dos and don’ts for when implementing testing programs.

An open forum panel discussion will follow the presentations which will include guests from the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) and Northbridge Financial, in addition to our speakers.

The speaker line-up includes Barbara Butler, who is known as Canada’s leading provider of corporate alcohol and drug policies, Dr. Melissa Snider-Adler, the Chief Medical Review Officer at DriverCheck who specializes in Addiction Medicine, and Norm Keith, a reputable lawyer from Fasken Martineau, who is the go-to legal expert in Canada when it comes to cannabis in the workplace.

To top it off, popular radio show host, Stan Campbell of Trucker Radio will be the moderator for the panel discussion. Joining the speakers on the panel will be Megan MacRae from the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC). Ms. MacRae is the Director – Employee Relations with TTC and has overseen the Fitness for Duty programs for their employees since 2011. Additionally, Lynne Cool from Northbridge Financial will provide insight on the insurance aspect of cannabis related claims in the workplace such as accidents, liability and wrongful dismissal.

This is your chance to learn from leading experts about workplace challenges of marijuana, and hear real life stories of others in related industries, that share similar issues to you.

To register for this event, please RSVP to Jeremy Thiel at by Wed. Jan. 18.

Date: Wed. Jan. 25, 2017
Time: 8:00am – 1:00pm
Location: Teatro Conference Centre
121 Chisholm Dr, Unit #2, Milton, ON, L9T 4A6

Agenda: Marijuana Unwrapped – Don’t Just Roll With It

8:00am – 8:30am: Coffee and Networking

8:30am – 8:35am: Welcome!

8:35am – 9:20am: Facing the Challenge of Marijuana in the Workplace
Barbara Butler, Barbara Butler & Associates Inc. Management Consultants
• Update on alcohol and drugs
• Impact of marijuana on workplace safety
• Medical marijuana from a policy perspective
• Marijuana legalization from employer’s perspective
• Managing fitness for duty
• Steps to consider going forward

9:20am – 10:05am: Canadian Cannabis Craze
Dr. Melissa Snider-Adler, Chief Medical Review Officer, DriverCheck Inc.
• Medical marijuana applications for usage
• Impairment factors from THC
• Challenges of marijuana in the workplace
• Human Rights Commission consideration
• Medical Marijuana authorizations – THC vs CBD
• Testing capabilities of devices – today and future

10:05am – 10:20am: Break

10:20am – 11:05am: Marijuana and Workplace Legal Issues
Norm Keith, Senior Partner, Fasken Martineau
• Current legal status of marijuana in Canada
• Legal tension between safety and human rights
• Arbitration Case Study: Imperial Oil Ltd.
• Human rights Case Study: Selkin Logging
• Legal Testing for Alcohol & Drugs
• Case Study: Irving Pulp & Paper
• Pending Before the SCC: Elk Valley Coal
• Legal considerations for your alcohol and drug program

11:05am – 11:50am: Marijuana in the Workplace – Panel Discussion
Moderated by Stan Campbell, Trucker Radio
Guest speakers joined by:
Megan MacRae, Director – Employee Relations, Toronto Transit Commission (TTC)
Lynne Cool, Director, Ontario Casualty & Litigation Claims, Northbridge Financial

11:50am – Noon: Wrap Up! Draw for Prizes

Noon – 1:00pm: Lunch and Networking

Speaker Bios

Barbara Butler, Barbara Butler & Associates Inc. Management Consultants

Ms. Butler has been assisting private business, as well as governments, industry and labour associations in dealing with alcohol and drug issues in the workplace since starting her business in 1989. She has worked with companies in a wide variety of industry sectors to help them develop and implement company-specific alcohol and drug policies, including transportation, oil and gas, construction, forestry, mining, manufacturing, healthcare and utilities across the country.

Ms. Butler’s work has also included the development of communications strategies and awareness and education programs to meet unique corporate needs. It also includes the design and delivery of supervisor training programs, including comprehensive online programs.

In addition, she has been directly involved in many of the key legal cases on this issue as a witness at human rights and arbitration proceedings. She continues to assist with the implementation of programs across Canada to meet U.S. regulatory requirements for motor carriers entering the United States.

Dr. Melissa Snider-Adler, Chief Medical Review Officer, DriverCheck Inc.

Dr. Snider-Adler is the Chief Medical Review Officer for DriverCheck. Her background is in Family Medicine, but now works primarily in the field of Addiction Medicine. She has been providing Opioid Agonist Therapy in multiple practice settings throughout Ontario for the last sixteen years. Dr. Snider-Adler is certified as a Medical Review Officer by the American Association of Medical Review Officers. She is also certified as a Physician practicing Addiction Medicine by the American Board of Addiction Medicine. Dr. Snider-Adler is an Assistant Professor at Queen’s University Department of Family Medicine. She was one of the authors of the 2011 Methadone Maintenance Treatment Program Standards and Clinical Guidelines and continues to work as a Peer Assessor for the College of Physician and Surgeons of Ontario where she also sits on the Methadone Assessors Committee. Dr. Snider-Adler gives talks across Canada to companies, physicians and the community about workplace substance abuse and addiction prevention and treatment.

Norm Keith, Senior Partner, Fasken Martineau

Norm Keith is a senior partner practicing in the areas of regulatory, employment and white collar defence advisory, compliance and litigation in the Toronto office.

Mr. Keith advises, represents and defends corporations, directors, officers, senior managers, individuals and governments in a wide variety of matters including workplace health and safety, white collar crime, corporate investigations, anti-trust competition, wrongful terminations, securities fraud, fiduciary duties, constitutional and human rights litigation, environmental enforcement, anti-bribery and corruption and corporate social responsibility.

Mr. Keith is one of Canada’s leading legal experts regarding marijuana in the workplace and the author of “Alcohol and Drugs in the Canadian Workplace”.

Stan Campbell, Trucker Radio

Stan is one of the most recognizable names and voices in the trucking industry. As the Show Host for Trucker Radio, Stan has the unique ability to engage an audience, while asking the tough questions that everyone wants to know.

The syndicated Trucker Radio Show was launched in May of 2006 and is aired on thirty-five radio stations throughout Canada and several in the USA. Two years ago, the Trucker Radio News & Talk show was launched online and on iTunes, TuneIn and iHeart Radio in the US. A tentative agreement has been reached with Sirius/XM to carry the weekly hour-long Trucker Radio News & Talk Show on Channel 167, beginning January 7, 2017.

Megan MacRae, Toronto Transit Commission (TTC)

Megan MacRae is the Director of Employee Relations at the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) and has worked in that capacity since 2012. She has held several positions within Human Resources at the TTC, including Chief Spokesperson for Collective Bargaining in 2014. She has overseen the TTC’s Fitness for Duty Program since 2011. Megan completed her undergraduate studies in Industrial Relations at McGill University, and her Masters in Industrial Relations (MIR) at Queen’s University. Following her studies she began her career in labour relations at Air Canada, and subsequently GO Transit, prior to joining the TTC in 2008.

Lynne Cool, Northbridge Financial

Lynne is the Director of Ontario Casualty Claims for Northbridge Insurance, Canada’s leading transportation insurer. With over 13 years in the insurance industry, Lynne has worked in a number of roles within claims including as a National Claims Technical Specialist. Lynne is passionate about helping businesses manage their litigation risk here and in the U.S. In her current role as Director, Claims Litigation, she oversees all Ontario liability claims including third party auto, professional liability and wrongful dismissal.

Lynne holds an undergraduate degree from the University of Toronto where she studied Crime & Deviance and Sociology. She is also a Fellow of the Insurance Institute of Canada.

About DriverCheck Inc.:

As Canada’s fitness for duty leader, DriverCheck’s top priority is the safety of your staff and workplace. Since its inception in 1996, DriverCheck has grown to become the leading provider of medical testing and assessments in the country. Physician-owned and operated, DriverCheck strives to provide superior medicine and best practices in all medical testing. DriverCheck was one of the first Third Party Administrators in Canada to offer DOT-regulated alcohol and drug testing. Currently, DriverCheck serves over 5,000 employers, with access to over 1,000 testing facilities strategically located across the country, providing easy access to all medical services. With a proven track record of sustainability, DriverCheck conducts over 240,000 medical tests annually in a variety of industries including transportation, oil & gas, mining, government, forestry and medical. Our diverse service offerings include alcohol and drug testing, fatigue management, occupational health and injury management programs (including remote medical services). DriverCheck’s head office is located in the village of Ayr, the heart of Ontario’s transportation hub.

To learn more about DriverCheck, visit call 1(800) 463-4310.