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Read the latest blog posts from DriverCheck and the industry. Plus, find links to relevant articles and expert commentary on workplace health and safety issues that affect your business.

H.R.6: SUPPORT for Patients and Communities Act

Nov. 21, 2018 [Ayr, ON] – H.R.6: SUPPORT for Patients and Communities Act It’s been referred to as the single largest bill to combat the drug crisis in the history of the United States. In 2017, there were 3,987 deaths linked to the use of opioids in Canada, which represents 11 lives lost per day. Today, more than a staggering…      Continue Reading

Vlog Series: This is why we work safe – Fitness for Duty Summit

Aug 21, 2018 [Ayr, ON] – Fitness for Duty Summit (Oct 3 & 4) Work safe for the moments that matter. We asked the DC team to think about the moments that matter most in their lives and the outcome was overwhelming. We all have reasons to work safe. What are yours? This is why we…      Continue Reading

Vlog Series: Women’s Trucking Federation of Canada!

July 18, 2018 [Ayr, ON] – This week we sat down with Shelley Uvanile-Hesch, CEO of the Woman’s Trucking Federation of Canada (WTFC) to discuss WTFC’s goals of creating a network for women in the trucking industry, empowering women, expanding employment of women as well as improving & promoting training standards, safety around large commercial vehicles and…      Continue Reading

Vlog Series: Client Impact Day with Jazz Aviation

July 6, 2018 [Ayr, ON] – Welcome to a new series we are calling “Client Impact”. Join us as we explore the ways DriverCheck impacts it’s industry partners, their staff, and their clients. This series is all about building a personal connection between our partners and the DC family, showing perspective and giving new meaning to our…      Continue Reading

Vlog Series: Meet the DC Family – Christine Quick, Occupational Health Department Manager

June 18, 2018 [Ayr, ON] – Meet Christine Quick. She is smart, kind and funny. Realistically, she should have been a comedian but instead, she decides to spend her days at DriverCheck as our Occupational Health Department Manager and we are so grateful! Keep watching to learn more about Christine, why she loves working at DC…      Continue Reading

Medical Cannabis Ruling Sets a Precedence for Workplace Safety

June 11, 2018 [AYR, ON] – In the arbitration decision of Lower Churchill Transmission Construction Employers’ Association representing Valard Construction v. IBEW Local 1620 (Tizzard Grievance), in Newfoundland, Arbitrator John Roil considered whether an employer violated the duty to accommodate in deciding not to place a medicinal cannabis user in a safety-sensitive role. The grievor, Tizzard, in this…      Continue Reading

Vlog Series: CFL Legends – Inspired to Live Healthier

June 1, 2018 [Ayr, ON] – In this video, Executive Director of the CFL Alumni Association (CFL AA), Leo Ezerins tells us why the CFL AA has partnered with the Canadian Men’s Health Foundation and how the partnership has inspired the CFL AA to lead healthier lives while inspiring others. For simple health, tips visit…      Continue Reading

Vlog Series: Jerseys For Humboldt

April 13, 2018 [Ayr, ON] – People all over the world put on their best jerseys April 12/18 in support of the recent Humboldt Broncos tragedy. DriverCheck was no exception. As a small town business, this hits home for us all. All staff wore yellow, green or their favorite jersey to show their love. Our thoughts and…      Continue Reading

Vlog Series: Leo Ezerins – Life After the CFL

April 4, 2018 [Ayr, ON]  – We catch up with Leo Ezerins, Executive Director of the CFL Alumni Association and former Grey Cup champion to discuss life after football and how the CFL Alumni Association supports their members during the big life transition.

6 Quick Tips to Healthy Living

February 23, 2018 [Ayr, ON] – Wayne Hartrick, President, of Canadian Men’s Health Foundation provides 6 Quick Tips to Health Living. Even the smallest changes you make, can improve your overall health and well-being.    

Don’t Change Much – Small Changes Make a Difference – Vlog

January 31, 2018 [Ayr, ON] – We recently caught up with Wayne Hartrick, President, of Canadian Men’s Health Foundation to discuss how even the smallest changes you make, can improve your overall health and well-being.

Vlog Series: Marijuana Unwrapped – Don’t Just Roll With It

December 18, 2017 [Ayr, ON] – Not able to attend our last seminar on cannabis in the workplace? Want to relive the day and highlights of key takeaways? Never fear, DriverCheck TV is here! On Oct. 24, 2017, DriverCheck hosted Marijuana Unwrapped – Don’t Just Roll With It in Calgary. This was an educational seminar…      Continue Reading

Cannabis & Safety Sensitive Occupations Don’t Mix

September 14, 2017 [AYR, ON] – Cannabis (marijuana) use, that has been authorized for medical purposes has soared in Canada over the last number of years. Recently, we have seen a large spike in authorizations, which is likely due to the pending legalization of cannabis and society’s general acceptance of cannabis use as a “cure-all”…      Continue Reading

DriverCheck Announces Sponsorship of Local Race Car Driver

June 30, 2017 [AYR, ON] – DriverCheck is pleased to announce the sponsorship of RJS Motorsports and their driver, Bob Schultheiss in the 2017 Lucas Oil Sportsman Cup Series. “Bob has been a long-time supporter of DriverCheck, and has made workplace fitness for duty one of his top priorities for the organizations he has represented,”…      Continue Reading

TTC to Roll Out Random Drug Testing in 2017

May 8, 2017 [Ayr, ON] – Toronto is one of the busiest cities in the world and it’s not surprising that the city needs an extensive transit system. In recent history, Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) ridership has increased year over year and 2015 saw the transportation system provide a record 538 million rides. That’s a…      Continue Reading

National Day of Mourning

April 28, 2017 [AYR, ON] – Today is National Day of Mourning; a day that commemorates workers, who have been killed, injured or suffered illness from workplace accidents, hazards, and incidents on the job. Let’s take a moment today to think about those who have been injured, lost their lives and their families. You may…      Continue Reading

Legislation to Legalize Cannabis is Announced

April 18, 2017 [AYR, ON] – Last week, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau introduced new legislation to legalize cannabis in Canada, which is expected to formally take place in 2018. The new law would allow adults 18 and over to possess up to 30 grams of dried cannabis with the ability to purchase cannabis and cannabis…      Continue Reading

Sleep Apnea and Fatigue: The Silent Killers

February 22, 2017 [Ayr, ON] –  We seem to be busier than ever these days, but time does not always allow people to keep their own health demands as important priorities. Many people do not get enough sleep to operate at their best, whether that is at work or in their personal lives. In addition,…      Continue Reading

How Random Alcohol and Drug Testing Programs Reduce Workplace Accidents and Heighten Productivity

December 8, 2016 [AYR, ON] – There has been much controversy over the years stemming from random alcohol and drug testing in the workplace. Workers have questioned whether such tests violate their personal freedom, while businesses expressed concern that impaired employees affected both the company’s efficiency and the safety of their co-workers. Creating a balance…      Continue Reading

One on One with Dianne Holmes, Operations Manager at DriverCheck

November 10, 2016 [AYR, ON] – DriverCheck Inc. is proud to be celebrating its 20th anniversary this summer. To commemorate this achievement, we are running a four-part series that features the DriverCheck family as they each reflect on the past twenty years of business. In the third part of this series, we recently sat down…      Continue Reading

One on One with Maggie Dunnett, General Manager at DriverCheck

October 7, 2016 [AYR, ON] – DriverCheck Inc. is proud to be celebrating its 20th anniversary this summer. To commemorate this achievement, we are running a four-part series that features the DriverCheck family as they each reflect on the past twenty years of business. In the second part of this series, we recently sat down…      Continue Reading

Celebrating The Stars of Safety – Lisbon Valley Mining Co. – Guest Blog by eCompliance

September 7, 2016 [TORONTO, ON] – On August 19, 2016, the Utah Safety Council awarded the Robert F. Parenti Individual Achievement in Safety Award to Drew Coats, Safety Manager of Lisbon Valley Mining Co. LLC. The award is presented annually by the Utah Safety Council to recognize an individual who has made major contributions in…      Continue Reading

Prescription Medication Abuse by Medical Professionals

August 30, 2016 [AYR, ON] – Substance misuse among medical professionals was back in the forefront recently after a Kitchener woman was charged with impaired driving and criminal negligence causing bodily harm for allegedly using drugs she stole from a patient while working as a home care nurse (see article Home-Care Nurse Charged After Allegedly…      Continue Reading

DriverCheck Celebrates its 20th Anniversary!

August 12, 2016 [AYR, ON] – DriverCheck Inc. is proud to be celebrating its 20th anniversary this summer. To commemorate this achievement, we will be running a four-part series that features the DriverCheck family as they each reflect on the past twenty years of business. In the first part of this series, we recently sat…      Continue Reading

Spending Real Time with Customers – Guest Blog by Kim Richardson

July 28, 2016 [CALEDONIA, ON] – In my almost 30 years of being in business I have learned so much about the sales cycle and promoting and marketing what you sell. I have seen all types of sales people and I am not going to get into styles and what is the best way to…      Continue Reading

Fentanyl – A Growing Concern

June 28, 2016 [AYR, ON] Fentanyl usage is exploding across the country and is now considered an epidemic. This is a concerning trend that is spiraling out of control, especially in Alberta, British Columbia, Quebec and Ontario. Overdoses. Fatalities. Gang involvement. Black market demand.  In Alberta and British Columbia, fatal overdoses linked to fentanyl soared…      Continue Reading

Random Testing Interest Resurges as Workplaces Recognize its Value as a Deterrent

June 15, 2016 [AYR, ON] – Over the past few months there has been a resurgence of interest in random testing in Canada for non-U.S. Department of Transportation regulated companies in safety sensitive industries as more workplaces recognize the value of this type of testing as a deterrent. Evidence shows random testing is an effective deterrent…      Continue Reading

Ruling on Medical Marijuana Regulations Could Impact Workplace Safety

May 5, 2016 [AYR, ON] – A key legal decision that came down recently could have safety implications for workplaces if the federal government doesn’t make changes to medical marijuana legislation in less than six months. On February 24, BC Federal Court ruled that the existing Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations (MMPR) violate Section 7…      Continue Reading

Guest Blog from Pardon Services Canada: Overcoming the Past – A Person with a DUI Can Become a Trucker

April 22, 2016 [Vancouver, BC] – Impaired driving penalties across Canada are stiff and many drivers don’t make the same mistake twice. Those who drive after drinking face licence suspensions, fines, vehicle impoundment and possibly even jail time under both federal and provincial laws. The problem for the commercial driving industry arises when labour is…      Continue Reading

Medical Marijuana – Workplace Challenges

April 6, 2016 [AYR, ON] – The use of medical marijuana is expected to grow by leaps and bounds in the near future. With this reality looming, it is up to Canadian companies to proactively pursue implementing procedures that guide how they will address medicinal marijuana in the workplace. Health Canada estimates 450,000 authorized patients…      Continue Reading

Dr. Kurtzer speaks on ‘Medical Marijuana and the Workplace’

April 4, 2016 [AYR, ON] – The use of medical marijuana is expected to increase dramatically in the near future. It is up to Canadian companies to educate themselves and prepare for the impact of cannabis in the workplace. Dr. Barry Kurtzer, a physician with more than thirty years of experience providing occupational health programs…      Continue Reading

Zika Virus: Should it be a Concern for Canadian Employers?

March 3, 2016 [AYR, ON] – As the Zika virus continues to remain a hot topic in the media, DriverCheck clients have expressed concerns for their employees who have, or who will be, travelling for work or on vacation to impacted areas. In this post, we offer advice on how to handle the risks and…      Continue Reading

U.S. to require Canadian commercial drivers with G (and potentially other class) licences to get medical exams

The U.S. Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA, an agency of the U.S. Department of Transportation) is cracking down on Ontario cross-border commercial vehicle drivers holding non-commercial Class G licences who have not had pre-licensing and periodic commercial driver’s medical exams. Starting in April 2016, if you drive a vehicle (standalone or in tandem/combination) that’s…      Continue Reading

Fentanyl use considered a public health crisis in Alberta

A few months after we first addressed the use of fentanyl in our blog, a wave of deaths caused by this deadly drug has health and police authorities in Alberta calling it a public health crisis. An article published in the Globe and Mail on November 8 reported that 145 Albertans died from fentanyl in the first…      Continue Reading

The future of marijuana use in Canada and the impact on safety in the workplace

As highlighted in the media last week, medical marijuana continues to grow as a chosen treatment option for a host of medical conditions and this means employers could find themselves dealing with a tough issue. Health Canada recently began allowing licensed medical marijuana producers to produce and sell cannabis oil, as well as fresh buds…      Continue Reading

Fentanyl, the New OxyContin: A Problem for Safety Sensitive Workplaces?

It’s a popular and more potent substitute for the now defunct OxyContin. Yet only in rare or special circumstances are workplaces testing for Fentanyl, a synthetic opioid readily available through legitimate and false prescriptions, as well as on the street. The drug has made headlines across North America in recent months with overdose deaths on…      Continue Reading

ACOEM’s guidance on medical marijuana: What it means to Canadian employers

With medical marijuana use making its way to the top of the agenda at many workplace health and safety meetings, employers are looking for guidance. Common questions include, should its use be treated as a regular prescription medication? How should results be reported? Though there is no specific guidance for employers in Canada, The American…      Continue Reading

Canada’s highest court expands medical marijuana definition, creating potential issues for safety sensitive workplaces

June 11, 2015 – Canada’s highest court has ruled that medical marijuana patients can now consume marijuana in edible form as well as use other extracts and derivatives. The Supreme Court of Canada found the current restriction to smoking marijuana in its “dried” form violates a person’s right to liberty and security. Current federal health…      Continue Reading

New guidelines for drug testing on the horizon in the US

Oral fluid tests, hair tests, and additional opiate prescription medication tests could be part of DOT-regulated drug testing programs in the not too distant future. The U.S. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) is moving forward with proposed changes that could impact DOT regulated companies and even non-DOT workplaces in Canada and the…      Continue Reading

Remembering those affected by workplace-related injuries, illness and death

Today is the National Day of Mourning and across Canada communities are recognizing those who were hurt, fell ill or lost their lives due to work-related incidents or disease. Here are the facts from the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS): The National Day of Mourning has spread to about 80 countries around…      Continue Reading

Electronic Chain of Custody: DOT approval and what it means for employers

The alcohol and drug testing industry is in the process of moving ahead with changes that will produce a faster turnaround for test results. After being paper-heavy for decades, a new rule that came into effect this week means the push for an electronic chain of custody process is on and DriverCheck is perfectly positioned…      Continue Reading

Hair Analysis on the U.S. Drug Testing Radar Again… Maybe

Hair testing is back on the U.S. political agenda but it remains to be seen if the result will be any different this time around. Three years after a U.S. House Representative introduced a bill (H.R.6641) proposing a pilot program to study the benefits of using hair testing, a U.S. Senator has followed suit with…      Continue Reading

Synthetic Marijuana in Canada: Research shows most popular in Alberta, Manitoba and Nova Scotia

MARCH 20, 2015 – There appears to be growing concern among employers in Canada that workers are using synthetic marijuana in an attempt to beat their employer’s drug tests. Over the past few weeks, several DriverCheck clients have asked if this is an issue and if detection is possible. We try to answer your questions…      Continue Reading

DriverCheck Recognizes World Sleep Day

Did you get enough z’s last night? Thousands of motor vehicle operators likely didn’t. Recent studies published by the U.S. Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association show that up to 28% of commercial vehicle drivers may have Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) and many of them may not even know it. In recognition of World Sleep Day, DriverCheck…      Continue Reading

POCTs, Insurance Coverage and the Case for Confirmation Testing

If your company doesn’t require confirmation testing on non-negative POCT drug screens or if you are considering this non-inclusion of confirmation testing as part of your testing policy, you should take a close look at recent trends in the insurance industry south of the border.  It is best practice to confirm non-negative POCT drug screen…      Continue Reading

Guest Blog: Medical Marijuana in Canada

By Aaron Spodek, Co-Founder, President & CEO, Vector Medical Corporation When you hear the word marijuana, do you think of Cheech and Chong, Bob Marley, and rock concerts? If so, I’m guessing your brain triggers similar associations when you hear the term medical marijuana. Don’t worry, it’s not even something we do consciously; the associations are…      Continue Reading

Snow clearing at work: How to avoid digging out from a costly claim

Winter is in full swing, and so are our bodies when we get down to digging. Snow removal truly can be ‘backbreaking’ work. With sprains and strains among the leading type of workplace injuries and overexertion being the primary cause, it is important your workers are physically fit for duty before arming them with a…      Continue Reading

Supervisor Training: The Defence Against e-Joints and More!

According to an article published in the New York Times this week, the latest buzz in the battle to beat drug use detection might be the electronic joint, or “e-joint” for short. It looks like a jet black Marlboro and not only can it be mistaken for a cigarette (the tip glows red when you…      Continue Reading

Top 5 Health-Related New Year’s Resolutions and How To Stick To Them

Ok, so we’re two weeks into the New Year. Resolution time!  Does this sound familiar? You went to sleep last night gung ho about getting to the gym before starting your work day and were relatively confident you would be ready to leap out of bed when your alarm clock went off. But within seconds…      Continue Reading

Working outdoors? The rules for employers and the signs and symptoms of cold stress

With a deep freeze hitting much of Canada this week, being out in the cold for merely a few minutes could be damaging to your body. What about those who spend their working days outdoors? They may be acclimatized to the cold, but there are limits. In this post, we explore existing standards and regulations…      Continue Reading

Getting Santa into the Safety Spirit: Making Our List and Checking It Twice

With the holidays almost here, we thought we’d have a little fun with a figure many of us are familiar with. In the spirit of health and safety, we’ve teamed up with Santa Claus’ employer (Mrs. Claus) to help jolly ‘ole Saint Nick protect himself from preventable illnesses and injuries in the workshop and around the…      Continue Reading

Metro-North Announces Sleep Apnea Screening Program

It may not be mandatory in the U.S. yet, but a growing number of employers aren’t waiting for legislation to be in place before testing their workers for sleep apnea. This week Metro-North, a U.S.-based transportation authority, announced it will start screening its workers as part of a seven-month pilot program, joining the list of…      Continue Reading

Ensuring proper protection: How to choose the right respirator fit test

If a respirator doesn’t fit your face properly, it won’t protect against exposure to dust or chemicals. But how do you as an employer determine which test will best determine if your worker’s respirator is protecting them against these airborne hazards? The price of the test is sometimes a deciding factor, but it shouldn’t be….      Continue Reading

Proposed changes to Alberta’s OHS Code: what it means for employers

Employers operating in Alberta will soon have new requirements to comply with under their company’s occupational health programs. The province’s Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Code is undergoing its 5-year review and the Government of Alberta is proposing some key changes. Stakeholders are invited to suggest changes and provide feedback on the recommended revisions up…      Continue Reading

Changes to the Canadian Model for Providing a Safe Workplace

The Canadian Model for Providing a Safe Workplace, a ‘best practice’ alcohol and drug policy for the construction industry, has been revised by the Construction Owners Association of Alberta with the goal of “improving clarity, consistency and readability.” Prior to issuing the latest version, DriverCheck was given the opportunity to provide feedback. Version 5 was…      Continue Reading

The College of Family Physicians’ guidance on authorizing medicinal marijuana: What it means for employers

Now that the decision of who can legally use medicinal marijuana is in the hands of medical professionals, many physicians are looking for direction. Citing a sense of “urgency,” the College of Family Physicians of Canada recently issued a set of recommended guidelines to help doctors navigate through it. We believe some of these recommendations…      Continue Reading

Alberta Court of Queen’s Bench to Hear Application for Judicial Review of Random Testing Decision

Oil sands companies and industry stakeholders will be watching closely this week as the issue of random alcohol and drug testing returns to the courts. Suncor Energy Inc. (‘Suncor”) is seeking judicial review of an arbitration board decision that rejected the oil giant’s attempts to randomly test unionized employees at its locations near Fort McMurray….      Continue Reading

The Prescription Drug Problem: Addressing Issues in Safety Sensitive Workplaces

If there are 500 people in your workplace, there’s a good chance 140 of them took prescription medication before going to work. And about 10 of those people may have taken the medication for recreational purposes, NOT for medicinal reasons. That’s the finding of a recent poll that looked at drug taking habits in the…      Continue Reading

CSSE Professional Development Conference Wrap-Up

DriverCheck had the pleasure of meeting hundreds of dedicated safety professionals at the Canadian Society of Safety Engineering’s Professional Development Conference in Calgary September 14-17th. Thanks to the CSSE for putting on a great event with informative sessions and thanks to all who visited our booth! If you missed our “injured” bread men, catch us…      Continue Reading

How to Manage an Aging Workforce

A study released this week shows the top Canadian job market is in Wood Buffalo, Alberta and Edmonton, Calgary, Red Deer, and Grand Prairie are also in the top ten. Not a surprise! But with so many job openings in the Oil Sands, it’s hard to keep up – and recruiting and retaining “older workers”…      Continue Reading

Major crash on heavily travelled highway renews calls for drug and alcohol testing

Drug and alcohol testing of long haul truck drivers has been the norm for certain cross-border commercial drivers in Canada since the U.S. Department of Transportation (D.O.T.) made it mandatory.  And even though employers of certain drivers who don’t cross the border are legally permitted to develop a policy that would allow for testing, the…      Continue Reading

5 Things Workplaces Should Know About Asbestos

Asbestos may “appear” to be a thing of the past – it is no longer mined in Canada and millions are being spent on its removal and containment. Yet Canada is far from being asbestos-free. This cancer-causing material is still used in new construction projects and accidental exposure can pose a danger to the health…      Continue Reading

Issues around authorized medical marijuana use in the workplace are headed to the judicial arena in Canada

After being in the media spotlight for months, the question of whether medical marijuana use should be permitted in the workplace will be dealt with by the courts, human rights commissions, and/or arbitrators. DriverCheck has received word that authorized medical marijuana users are starting to file human rights complaints against employers with automatic dismissal policies….      Continue Reading

Lawsuit underscores importance of proper testing techniques

A federal lawsuit filed in the U.S. over an allegedly false positive alcohol test illustrates just how important it is for service providers and employers alike to ensure the people they select to conduct their alcohol and drug tests are following the proper procedures. The case involves a Pennsylvania woman who is accusing her former…      Continue Reading

US Study Finds Synthetic Marijuana is a Growing Concern for Employers

It’s an illicit and dangerous family of drugs being marketed as a safer, stronger alternative to marijuana. And it isn’t just teenagers who are turning to this less expensive high – a recent study by a SAMHSA-certified U.S. laboratory suggests synthetic marijuana is a growing concern for workplaces. Laboratory Finds Workplace Testing is a Deterrent…      Continue Reading

Tracy Morgan Crash Underscores Importance of Fatigue Management

The dangers of fatigue are back in the public eye as reports surfaced about the condition of the driver allegedly involved in a fatal New Jersey crash that left popular comedian Tracy Morgan critically injured. According to media reports, a criminal complaint filed against the truck driver says he had not slept for over 24…      Continue Reading

3D Occupational Health Care: Successful Strategies for Successful Outcomes in a Complex World

DriverCheck’s Shannon Jacobi used some ‘hammer time’ to hammer home a message about the future of OHN practice at the AOHNA Symposium in Banff on May 30th. Shannon’s talk, 3D Occupational Health Care: Successful Strategies for Successful Outcomes in a Complex World, focused on the strain industry workers are putting on the public health care…      Continue Reading

Trends in Occupational Health: An Aging Workforce, Chronic Disease, and the De-Skilling of Nursing

An internationally recognized expert in occupational health says the three most pressing issues facing OHNs today are an aging workforce, chronic disease management, and other healthcare professionals being placed in their roles. That was the message delivered by Dr. Bonnie Rogers during her keynote speech at the AOHNA’s Symposium in Banff in May. As a…      Continue Reading

Health Care Professionals: The Case for Drug Testing

Doctors, nurses, and medical technicians. We rely on them to diagnose medical conditions, prescribe and administer treatment, and save lives. Yet a small percentage of them may actually be putting lives at risk. And now a recent high-profile case is being used to build a case for drug testing health care workers. David Kwiatkowski, a…      Continue Reading

How to Manage Workplace Safety Issues Around Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana became more easily accessible in April when the rules around who can authorize the drug changed in Canada. Clinics specializing in writing medical marijuana prescriptions are going up in Toronto, and others are planned for Edmonton, Calgary, and Halifax. This has many employers trying to prepare themselves for the expected influx of authorized…      Continue Reading

Three dangerous attitudes that lead to workplace injuries

There’s no question the railway that hired train operator William Rockefeller is wishing it had taken steps to prevent the December 2013 New York City train crash in which his undiagnosed sleep disorder was found to be a major contributing factor. Four passengers were killed, more than 60 were injured, and the damage was immense….      Continue Reading

Palcohol and Vaportinis – The New Trend?

You can sprinkle it on your food, mix it with water, or sniff it from a fancy glass. Powdered alcohol and “vaportinis” are the latest trend in “drinking” and it’s raising concerns for the workplace. This post will look at who is buying into these trends and what employers can do to minimize the risks…      Continue Reading

Anabolic Steroids: An Issue for Employers in Safety Sensitive Workplaces?

Some employers have expressed concerns recently about the potential use of anabolic steroids by workers in safety sensitive positions. Is it safe? Is it legal? Do they need a prescription? Can companies test for it? We address these questions in this post. What are anabolic steroids and what are they used for? Anabolic steroids naturally…      Continue Reading

Chicago train crash underscores dangers of dozing off on the job

Succumbing to sleepiness at work may seem harmless if the only casualty is the coffee on your desk. But if your work involves sitting behind the wheel of a moving vehicle, it can lead to serious consequences. Just last week, the operator of a commuter train in Chicago fell asleep during her shift. At around…      Continue Reading

Marketing Scheme Misleads DOT-Regulated Employers

DriverCheck is warning DOT-regulated employers about an aggressive marketing scheme that leads clients to believe they must buy the supervisor training course being offered. Over the past few months, a Delaware-based company has been sending letters to DriverCheck clients that at first glance appear to be from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association (FMCSA). The…      Continue Reading

Five Myths about Alcohol & Drug Testing Debunked

Trying to get to the truth about alcohol and drug testing? In this week’s post, we give the 5 most common myths in the field a reality check. 1. The alcohol testing process is inaccurate because you aren’t impaired until your BAC reaches .08. Studies have shown that your driving skills can be seriously impaired…      Continue Reading

Why Fit For Duty Evaluations Are An Important Part of Employee Hiring

Picture this – your company has hired the right fit for the job. The candidate is physically active and has the experience you’re looking for. But three weeks into it, they throw their back out at work. Turns out they injured their spine while roofing three months ago. Now your company is paying for their…      Continue Reading

What goes into a great physical abilities testing program?

You’re trying to save time and money, but you want to make sure your candidate is capable of doing physically demanding work. So you hire a company to perform a physical abilities test (PAT) on your candidate. He or she is slotted into a standard PAT protocol and fails. You withdraw your job offer and…      Continue Reading

How to protect the health and safety of your workers and your business

As an employer in Canada, you are required by law to take all reasonable precautions to protect your workers from illness or injury. On top of that, it’s just good for business. Research shows companies investing in health and safety see a reduction in the number of work-related injuries and illnesses and improved savings through…      Continue Reading

What Is The Difference Between POCT, Lab and Express-To-Lab?

Having trouble sorting through the complexities of different drug testing methods? This post will help you weigh the benefits and disadvantages of each so you can make an informed choice on which method is best for your workplace. Laboratory Testing A lab-based drug test has two stages. The first is an initial screen test completed…      Continue Reading

Everything You Ought To Know About Health and Safety at the Olympics

We’re taking a break from the workplace this week to talk about what everyone is watching – the Olympics in Russia. Did you know this year’s games are expected to be the most-televised Olympics ever? In the U.S., NBC alone plans to air over 1,500 hours of coverage. That’s more than the Vancouver and Torino…      Continue Reading

10 Health Conditions That Could Impact Job Performance

You’re interviewing a candidate for a safety sensitive position and you notice their grip seems weak when you shake their hand. Maybe it’s nerves? You shrug it off because they tell you they passed their last physical. What you don’t know is that they developed hand arm vibration syndrome in their previous job. And without…      Continue Reading

Family of victim alleges driver involved in fatal crash fell asleep and was “ill”

While efforts to implement specific sleep apnea testing requirements for pilots and truck drivers in the U.S. may be stalled, the case for addressing fatigue as part of an overall fitness for duty assessment in safety sensitive positions continues to grow. Just last week, the family of one of the victims of the bus-train crash…      Continue Reading

4 Things To Look Out for When Evaluating Driver Fatigue

Many of us struggle with being overtired or overworked. This type of fatigue is often remedied by more sleep. But chronic fatigue is different. It is a constant state of weariness that develops over time and it chips away at your energy and mental capacity. How do you tell the difference between the two? It’s…      Continue Reading

How Alcohol and Drug Testing Can Save You Money

Does this sound familiar? You have reason to believe there is a problem with drug use, misuse, or abuse in your workplace, but you aren’t sure if it is worth investing in an alcohol and drug testing program. One worker in particular is continually late in reporting for duty and doesn’t seem focused.  His lack of…      Continue Reading

Inspectors Target Construction Sites to Ensure Workers are Properly Protected

The Ontario Ministry of Labour is in the middle of a safety blitz targeting construction projects across the province. Since January 1st, inspectors have been visiting a range of workplaces undergoing major renovations, repairs and additions. Whether your workplace is on the list of sites slated for inspection or not, your company should be making…      Continue Reading

School bus incident underscores importance of preventative action

Even though half of impaired driving incidents reported by police take place after bars close, drunk driving isn’t only a concern after workers are off the clock. Just last week, a bus driver was sentenced for driving drunk while taking a busload of kids to school in Wasaga Beach, Ontario. Luckily, a teenager he picked…      Continue Reading

The Guide To Building A Healthy & Safe Workplace

Too often employers assume that their workplace is immune to illnesses and injuries – and it’s not until an incident occurs that they realize just how costly they can be. The statistics show companies continue to pay out more in benefits every year. So investing in prevention is worth it. But where do you start? Creating…      Continue Reading

H1N1 Surge Prompts Calls for Albertans to Get Their Flu Shot

Alberta’s Health Minister is asking Albertans to get their flu shots following a surge in the number of influenza cases across the province. In a statement released January 6th, Fred Horne announced that almost a thousand cases of H1N1 have been confirmed since January 1st. In addition, hundreds of Albertans have been hospitalized and several…      Continue Reading

5 Great Resources on the Importance of Sleep

Many of us are guilty of saying that sleep is overrated. But it’s not. Sleep is vital to our personal health and safety, and the amount of sleep we get each night can impact our job performance and the safety of others. These resources will wake you and your workers up to the significance of…      Continue Reading

How to Manage Silica Exposure in Your Workplace

Did you know that merely standing on a road while it is being repaired can cause over-exposure to silica? It’s something you may not notice now, but you will later on when you’re paying for it. In the past 10 years, Alberta’s Workers’ Compensation Board accepted 576 claims for probable/confirmed silicosis, lung cancer, bronchitis, and…      Continue Reading

Everything You Ought To Know About Sleep Apnea

It’s well known that chronic conditions like heart disease and diabetes can be very costly for companies. What if we told you to add snoring to the list? You should. Snoring is one of the major warning signs of Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) – a very common sleep disorder that is a contributing factor to…      Continue Reading

Ten Steps to Creating a Safer Work Environment

There’s no doubt that a safer working environment equals a better bottom line. Too many businesses overlook the fact that their most important asset isn’t their product; it’s their employees. A safe working environment impacts an organization from the bottom up. It positively influences employee morale, health, and productivity, which all translates to a better…      Continue Reading

5 Reasons Managing Worker Fatigue Is Important

It’s well documented that adults today aren’t getting enough sleep. And more employers are acknowledging the negative impact this can have on their workers and their business. Recently, Enform raised awareness of the issue by developing a set of guiding principles to address the risks associated with fatigue. Still not convinced you should be doing…      Continue Reading

The New Drugs: What Are Synthetic Marijuana, K2/Spice, and Bath Salts?

There’s a lot of hype in the media these days about synthetic marijuana, K2/Spice, and bath salts, and it is fuelling concerns that these drugs are becoming more common among youth and adults alike. The question for employers then becomes, is it worth testing for these drugs? If so, are you able to? This post…      Continue Reading

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Alcohol & Drug Testing

Are you hearing conflicting things about trends or other aspects of alcohol and drug testing in the workplace? Someone told you it works this way, but someone else says it’s the other way, and you’re confused about what to believe? We’ve got the answers. For more than 15 years, our team has worked through many…      Continue Reading

How To Manage Noise Exposure in Your Workplace

Is noise a hazard in your workplace? If your employees’ ears feel plugged after their shift or if it’s tough to have a conversation without shouting, the answer could be yes. It’s important to ask this question because every year, Canadians suffer hearing loss from exposure to noise in their workplace. In B.C. alone, over…      Continue Reading

Why Investing in Workplace Health and Safety Is Worth It

Have you ever taken the time to evaluate how much time or money you spend trying to keep your employees healthy? Have you ever taken the time to understand how much your organization spends a year on sick pay, insurance, accidents or sick leave? If you haven’t, don’t worry: you’re not alone. But that’s no…      Continue Reading

Testing beyond the standard 5-panel: Is it right for your workplace?

With Ottawa adopting a national strategy to tackle prescription drug abuse, some employers wonder if they should follow suit. Workplace testing for prescription medications and other drugs beyond the standard 5 panel can be effective and necessary in many cases because it can help identify potential safety risks that would otherwise go undetected. This post…      Continue Reading

Everything Employers Ought to Know About Medical Marijuana

Did you know the federal government will soon give doctors unilateral authority to decide who can buy medical marijuana in Canada? Do you understand how this could impact the way your workplace deals with the drug’s use? If you’re like most organizations, you have some insight but could benefit from more facts and from knowing…      Continue Reading

12 Facts & Tips That Every Employer Should Know This Flu Season

With sniffles, sore throats, and coughs making the rounds at workplaces particularly in the fall and winter, prevention is in everyone’s best interest. Contagious employees who courageously show up for work could prove very costly for your company, both from an individual decreased productivity point of view, as well as from a disease spreading point…      Continue Reading