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Online Supervisor Training

If you are a DOT-regulated employer, supervisor training is mandatory. Designated individuals must be
trained a minimum of one hour on controlled substance use and one hour on alcohol misuse.

If you are a workplace client, your company’s alcohol and drug testing policy will require that your supervisors
be trained on performance management, unfit-for-duty situations, and testing referrals in certain situations.

This training doesn’t have to be time consuming. DriverCheck will provide you with the ease of online education.

Our interactive online supervisor training package features:

    • Learning at your convenience –  employees can stop and resume a session whenever they want
    • Self-managed learning – if you don’t need the complete course, you can simply access a refresher
      course, or a specific situation-handling scenario
    • 19 situation-handling scenarios to help supervisors determine appropriate courses of action
    • A comprehensive knowledge base developed by Barbara Butler, a leading Canadian policy expert
      on alcohol and drugs in the workplace
    • Concepts displayed succinctly, in bite-sized pages for efficiency
    • The most up-to-date information
    • Links to additional resources, including procedures, practices, forms, DOT regulations
      and/or Industry websites

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