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Private Drug & Alcohol Testing for Individuals

Get the proof you need with our testing services

If you suspect someone close to you is using, misusing or abusing alcohol or drugs, or, if you are legally required to provide evidence that you are not, you can request a private test.

We will arrange the test for you

If you decide to undergo a drug test collection or an alcohol test, we’ll arrange a convenient time and location for the test to take place. All of our collections are completed in private and all results are confidential. If your test was ordered by someone other than you, the result will only be released to another party if you consent in writing.


Selection of testing options

We offer industry-leading urine, oral fluid and hair drug testing, and breath and saliva alcohol testing programs. For information on the characteristics of each test type, visit the Tutorials section.


You can book through live agents by phone during regular business hours. We are also available 24/7 for after-hours and emergency testing. Or you can book online and we’ll call you back or e-mail an appointment time and location.


Only trained technicians perform our collections and testing. They are extensively trained on how to secure a site, maintain confidentiality, and prevent sample tampering.

Laboratory analysis

We coordinate laboratory analysis, as well as review and interpret test results.