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eManda – Upgraded!

We offer our clients complete automation of the entire administrative process, from issuing online booking requests to receiving test results and running reports. Our customized and secure web-based software program allows employers to view test results as soon as they are verified.

We recently completed major upgrades to eManda in accordance with our commitment to continually improve service and efficiencies for employers. These changes will enhance your data management experience and ensure that the time you spend accessing results, issuing online booking requests and performing other tasks associated with your program is minimized as much as possible.

We have enhanced eManda by integrating features that make invoices and reports more easily accessible, while retaining top of the line security (Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology, the highest level of encryption) to ensure all medical and personal information remains confidential. Below is a list of features we have incorporated into eManda to ease your data management experience:

  • A new inbox feature where clients can access all reports and filter by unread or read items
  • Search boxes that allow clients to access information quickly and efficiently
  • Invoices now accessible online in both PDF and XLS format
  • New method of securely sending reports
  • Issue online booking requests in just 3 easy steps

This is just the first phase of the upgrades we have planned for eManda. The next phase will add even more features and efficiencies.

These are exciting changes that we would like you to be a part of! Contact us today to find out more.

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