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Medical Marijuana @ Work

Make defensible decisions around Medical Marijuana @ Work.

Medical marijuana use is expected to increase exponentially over the next decade, with 400,000
people projected to be using it legally by 2025. And with 22 percent of the Canadian workforce
in safety-sensitive industries, this will have implications for many employers. Even though companies acknowledge this reality, they aren’t sure how to address it. It’s difficult to balance the duty to accommodate workers with a disability with the need to minimize safety risks in your workplace. Some companies are adopting a zero tolerance approach – terminating worker with authorization to use medical marijuana in an effort to reduce the safety risks. This approach could open your company up to legal action if the employee claims discrimination under human rights laws. But there is another way.

DriverCheck has partnered with Vector Medical Corporation to offer a solution that will stand up
in court. Medical Marijuana @ Work balances the duty to accommodate without putting the safety
of your workforce at risk.

Partner with the medical marijuana experts today.

Medical Marijuana @ Work is an assessment program that helps your company deal with medical marijuana use in the workplace. Through our partnership, your company has access to a nationwide network of medical cannabinoid experts, headed by Dr. Ilan Nachim, a leading Canadian medical marijuana and addiction medicine specialist.


So how does it work? There are two steps.

1. We work with you to customize workplace policies and procedures to address medical marijuana. As part of this process, we review all relevant policies, analyze safety sensitive roles, and lay out how your company will identify employees who have authorization to use the drug, how they will be evaluated, and the process for reintegrating them back into the workplace. Once in place, we educate and train your staff on the policy’s protocols. Then your company is ready to start evaluating workers on a case-by-case basis once they are flagged for evaluation.

2. We provide you with an evaluation that is independent, objective, and based on medical evidence. Our assessments take into account the employee’s occupational history, safety considerations, medical history, and the effectiveness of their current dose and usage in order to provide you with defensible and concrete recommendations on how to proceed in each case.

Our in-depth report will determine:

  • Whether the worker is fit for safety sensitive duties
  • Whether there are other options for treatment, given the employee’s medical condition
  • A safe return to work process for the worker, including any necessary follow up testing