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Audiometric Testing and Hearing Surveillance

Noise-induced hearing loss is costly

Every year, Canadians suffer hearing loss from exposure to noise in their workplace. In B.C. alone, over 4,700 work days were lost between 1997 and 2011 because of hearing loss claims.1 If your work environment exceeds provincial noise exposure thresholds, your employees’ hearing needs to be tested and tracked. A proactive, comprehensive audiometric testing and hearing surveillance program will help reduce workers’ compensation claims and ensure regulations are met.

We measure and monitor your employees’ hearing health

We’ll take a detailed hearing health history and perform a baseline hearing test to identify pre-existing hearing loss. Our periodic testing is the way to monitor your employee’s hearing health on an on-going basis allowing for early, pro-active intervention where needed.


  • Audiometric testing (mobile or fixed site)
  • Establishing employee hearing health history, including past exposure to noise hazards
  • Employee education and training on hearing conservation
  • Otoscope examination of the ears
  • Testing using an audiometer
  • Personalized test results package
  • Hearing test report letters and recommendations for each employee

We also have a full Hearing Surveillance Program which includes:

  • An analysis of results and comparison with previous test results to establish trends
  • Tracking results and record keeping
  • Statistical summaries (by company, by site, and by department)
  • Follow-up testing


1. Workers Compensation Board of BC. (2011). Occupational Disease Data by Type of Disease, by Year: 2007-2011.