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Chest X-Rays

Using chest x-rays to identify respiratory problems early

Chest x-rays are a valuable diagnostic screening tool for respiratory disorders and injuries, and are mandatory in some provinces for certain hazardous exposures. If your work environment poses long or short-term respiratory risks (for example, mining, oil and gas, asbestos removal), your employees should undergo a chest x-ray, in addition to pulmonary function testing.

Reduce costs by measuring and tracking exposure

We can arrange baseline and periodic chest x-rays for your employees to help diagnose respiratory issues and identify disease or illness early on, so you can stay one step ahead of respiratory risks and minimize workers’ compensation costs.


  • Ready access to chest x-rays
  • All x-rays are interpreted by a radiologist and reviewed by a physician
  • Online results (abnormal and normal)
  • Reporting in compliance with applicable regulations

If hazardous substances of any type are a risk in your workplace, and the airborne concentration of those hazardous substances exceeds government standards, your employees will also need the proper protective equipment. We make sure your employees’ respirators fit properly.