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Driver Medical Examinations

Provincial and transborder assessments

Commercial drivers in Canada must undergo a provincial licencing medical examination in order to receive or maintain their provincial drivers’ licences. Our medical examinations can be more objective than those performed by an individual’s family physician.

With few exceptions, Canadian commercial driver medical examinations are considered reciprocal to U.S. DOT medical examinations and allow Canadian drivers to be medically qualified to drive in the U.S. where the driver’s health meets applicable provincial medical examination standards. Therefore, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration medical examinations are no longer applicable or needed for Canadian drivers who operate commercial vehicles in the U.S.

However, if your company wishes to maintain a DOT-like medical standard, DriverCheck will provide you with a medical examination form that mirrors the DOT’s for your transborder drivers. Please note that this form does not replace the provincial licencing medical form, and would be used as an addition to it.

Quick appointments

We can get your drivers into our clinics more quickly than the public health care system.

Prompt appointments can easily be made with one of the physicians in our network. Your driver will get a copy of their paperwork, and we keep all copies to make available upon request.