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Sleep Apnea & Fatigue: Detection and Treatment

Play it Safe, Choose DriverCheck/MedSleep FM

Mitigating concerns about sleep disorders and the negative impacts they could have on your workforce and your business must involve proper testing and treatment. Many organizations offer these services, but not all programs are created equal. DriverCheck has partnered with Canada’s top sleep physicians to create a comprehensive program that ensures your workers are effectively diagnosed and treated.

The DriverCheck/MedSleep Difference

  • Our six-step Sleep Apnea & Fatigue Management model is part of a comprehensive program. Unlike some service providers, we provide the complete package – not just bits and pieces.

  • We involve sleep medicine physicians throughout the process. Some providers do not involve a physician in the process, while others may rely solely on family physicians. Whereas there is no denying that a family physician plays an important role in an individual’s overall medical health, expertise in this field is important. In our program, screening questionnaires, diagnostic sleep studies and follow-up care are overseen by sleep medicine physicians and each patient is consulted by a sleep medicine physician before being prescribed treatment. This approach mitigates the risk of ‘over-diagnosis’.

  • Our policy development and implementation services will help you mitigate legal liabilities. The role of policy in putting a successful corporate Sleep Apnea program in place should not be overlooked. Ours has been vetted by Canada’s leading labour law firm. It will help reduce the risk of successful law suits or grievances against your organization and answer questions related to the process, such as what to do if an employee stops using their treatment device.

  • We offer 24/7 assistance administered by live staff. For employees with questions or concerns, including issues with treatment devices, we provide access at all hours to professionals who can help. This improves compliance, and makes a difficult process more manageable.

  • We educate your staff to ensure the program is well-received. Like with any wellness program, if the educational components are not delivered proactively, the program could be seen as adversarial.

  • We provide extensive access to in-person, online and in-paper educational materials created by leading experts in the sleep industry.

  • We provide proactive solutions to sleepiness at work. In addition to sleep apnea testing, a comprehensive Fatigue Management Program must address fatigue risk identification and mitigation across the company.

  • We offer several Fatigue Management services, such as counter-fatigue education, sleep hygiene education, and shift work schedule optimization.