Employer Clearinghouse Checklist

☐ Prepare to update Drug and Alcohol Policy to account for the Clearinghouse (DriverCheck can help with this)

☐ Prepare internal reporting protocols (within your own team)

☐ Prepare external reporting protocols (with your service suppliers) **** not sure if this should be included

☐ Prepare general consent forms for annual query of the Clearinghouse (DriverCheck can help with this)

☐ Prepare to inform and train covered employees and supervisors

☐ Register your company on the Clearinghouse web portal

☐ Assign staff to perform work in the Clearinghouse

☐ Purchase a querying plan in the Clearinghouse (buy enough to cover existing drivers and new hires)

☐ Register your C/TPA (DriverCheck) to use Clearinghouse on your behalf

☐ Be prepared to remove a driver from service when consent isn’t provided for the Clearinghouse

☐ Be prepared to conduct the following for all new drivers (pre-employment)

☐ Perform a full query of the Clearinghouse;

☐ Request information from all DOT-regulated employers that employed the driver (Form 413);

☐ Complete a pre-employment drug & alcohol test unless an exemption is made under 382.301 of DOT regulations

☐ Determine how often your company wants to query the Clearinghouse (minimum once a year for all drivers)

☐ Keep for 3 years a record of each query and all information received in response to each query made.

(DriverCheck can help do this for you)

☐ Prepare to report the following to the Clearinghouse portal (DriverCheck can do this for you):

☐ An alcohol confirmation test result with an alcohol concentration of 0.04 or greater;

  • A negative return-to-duty test result;

  • A refusal to take an alcohol test;

  • A report that the driver has successfully completed all follow-up tests as prescribed in the SAP report.

  • Knowledge violations