Fatigue caused by sleep apnea is a major risk

Statistics show that people with untreated sleep apnea have slower reaction time than those who are legally intoxicated, and with more than a third of middle-aged men and women suffering from this serious sleep disorder,1 more employers are screening their safety-sensitive workers for it.

Sleep apnea is a major cause of fatigue, and workers who don’t get tested could be putting their lives, the lives of others, and your company at risk. Identifying and treating sleep apnea can help keep everyone safe, and can lead to improved health.

Screen and treat individuals promptly for sleep apnea

We’ve partnered with the country’s top sleep experts, MedSleep FM, to combine our unique expertise and develop a made-in-Canada medical standard for sleep apnea testing that exceeds proposed U.S. guidelines. We can often diagnose workers and start their treatment within a few days of screening.


Policy Development

Training and Education

We’ll help you balance the complexities of human rights and privacy law with the need to improve safety. In working with a leading Canadian labour law firm, we can help you create a policy that protects your employees and your company.

Qualified staff will train your management and safety team on your program. To encourage participation and compliance, we also educate your employees on the impacts of sleep apnea and how your program can help.

Sleep Apnea Screening

Diagnosis and testing

Your employees fill out a detailed questionnaire with help from our technicians. Height, weight, BMI, and neck circumference are measured and recorded, too. Results are scored to see if a sleep test is required. We find that performing the questionnaire with our trained professionals leads to more accurate assessments than screening online or over the phone. However, for clients that want this service, we can accommodate.

If one of your employees needs to be tested, a sleep physician in our network will decide if an overnight test in the sleep lab or a portable test completed at home is best.


Compliance Monitoring

When applicable, options include continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP), auto-titrating positive airway pressure (APAP), weight loss, or surgery. Our sleep specialists determine the best course of treatment and educate each employee on how to use any CPAP or APAP equipment.

We monitor treatment compliance so you know your workers are getting the help they need. A compliance coach assists them, and sleep specialists troubleshoot any issues.

Other Fatigue Management Services

You can further minimize the risks associated with employee fatigue through our additional services:

  • Scheduling analysis

  • Shift-work review

  • Organizational fatigue risk review