Injury Management

DriverCheck understands the importance of minimizing harm when it comes to your employees. The provision of timely and comprehensive medical care helps to facilitate recovery. DriverCheck’s Injury Management program provides companies with rapid access to our clinician network (physicians and nurse practitioners) across Alberta. 

Program Overview

  • Fitness for work assessments for occupational injuries/illness and acute/chronic non-occupational medical conditions for workers without physician access. 

  • Physicians and nurse practitioners who are aware of prescription medications and impact of classifications as they relate to recordables

  • Access to comprehensive assessments Monday – Friday from 8am-8pm MST 

  • Convenient clinic locations in Alberta, with medical affiliations across Canada (scaleable solutions)

  • Same day assessments

  • Quick turnaround time on RTW forms  that are individualized or worker specific, which includes open chain of communication between employer program lead and clinicians

  • Access to third-party diagnostic testing, such as x-rays

  • Telemedicine solutions

Benefits to Worker

  • Rapid access to medical assessments and expert clinician

  • Promotion of physical health, well-being and recovery

  • Evidence-based and individualized care

  • Early and Safe Return to Work (ESRTW) 

  • Prevention of unnecessary disability  

  • Reduction of financial uncertainty 

Benefits to Employers

  • Access to clinicians who understand importance of best practices and occupational principles

  • Positive impact on WCB insurance premiums over time 

  • Decrease unnecessary visits to ER and medical treatment

  • Prevent unnecessary disability and lost-time

  • Improve worker compliance with management/treatment plan

Types of Illness and Injuries Treated

  • Soft Tissue Injuries *

  • Strains/Sprains *

  • Suturing/Stitches

  • Minor Burns

  • Abrasion 

  • Head Injury (minor) *

  • Ear or Noise Injury *

  • Eye Injury (minor) *

  • Lacerations

  • Skin rashes and infections

  • Frostbite

* conduct first assessment, manage or transfer as appropriate