Our Partners

DriverCheck is proud to partner with these leading organizations to deliver an extensive list of services and testing capabilities in the fields of alcohol and drug testing, fatigue management, and occupational health.


Equipped with the largest network of sleep labs in the country, Canada’s top sleep experts partnered with DriverCheck to develop comprehensive Sleep Apnea and Fatigue Management programs.


A leading provider of online learning programs to support policy implementation and compliance, Corridor Interactive offers DriverCheck clients online supervisor training and employee education as part of a full-service drug and alcohol program.


DriverCheck coordinates Substance Abuse Professional assessments through Integrated Workplace Solutions. IWS’s highly qualified SAPs will evaluate, educate and/or treat your employees.

We offer a nationwide Employee Assistance Program through FSEAP, one of Canada’s leading EAP providers. This organization counsels your employees to help them with stress or personal problems and can play a key role as part of a comprehensive drug and alcohol program.


BackCheck is Canada’s leading and largest background checking company. BackCheck offers pre-employment screening services that include Criminal Record Checks, Employment Verifications, Education Verifications and Credit Inquiries.

Pardon Services Canada was established in 1989 to assist Canadians applying for Record Suspensions and U.S. Entry Waivers. Pardon Services Canada provides professional, confidential and affordable legal services to assist individuals in processing their Record Suspension and US Entry Waiver applications.