At DriverCheck, we are more than just an alcohol and drug testing provider. We also take care of the transportation industry’s medical testing and assessment needs, with a host of occupational health, fatigue management and sleep apnea program services. We service thousands of clients in the transportation industry, including trucking, shipping, railway and airline companies.

Worker fatigue is a significant concern

Drowsy driving is a serious problem that leads to thousands of automobile crashes each year. The Canadian Sleep Society reports that reaction time is more impaired in patients with untreated obstructive sleep apnea than in healthy individuals who are legally intoxicated.

One of the leading causes of fatigue is obstructive sleep apnea which affects approximately 28% of commercial motor vehicle operators. We offer sleep apnea detection and treatment services in addition to broader fatigue management services.

Keep your workforce safe and healthy

We offer a wide range of medical testing services to examine, monitor and assess the health of your employees. Some are required by law and others, like sleep apnea testing and fatigue management, are just good sense.

Many companies in the transportation industry are also realizing the benefits of performing physical abilities testing as a condition of hire. These testing services help match an individual’s physical abilities to the actual demands of the job – helping avoid unnecessary injuries for workers and unnecessary costs (such as workers’ compensation) for employers.

Did you know that trucking transportation workers who need to obtain or renew their driver’s licence will require initial and periodic commercial driver’s licence medical examinations? Don’t wait for the public health care system, book an appointment today with one of the physicians in our network.

Drug and alcohol testing works

The largest example demonstrating the success of an alcohol and drug testing program in Canada is the program in place impacting the sector of the trucking industry subject to mandatory U.S. DOT testing regulations. Between 1996 and 2010, we performed approximately 240,000 random drug tests in this program and saw positive rates fall by more than 80 percent.

Many transportation organizations not impacted by DOT regulations have also realized the benefits that testing can have on the health, safety and productivity of their work force.

We help guarantee our testing program’s compliance

Where applicable, safety-sensitive workers engaged by Canadian transportation companies for commercial travel into the U.S. are subject to testing for alcohol and drugs in accordance with U.S. DOT regulations. If you don’t comply, you run the risk of accidents, hefty fines, and other potential sanctions. It could even prevent you from doing business in the U.S.

DriverCheck manages the alcohol and drug testing components of your program to help ensure it meets DOT regulations.