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Alcohol and Drug Testing

Drug and alcohol testing prevents a costly problem

In some places, nearly 40 percent of all industrial injuries and fatalities are linked to substance abuse or alcoholism.1 Each year, hundreds of Canadians die from accidental prescription drug overdoses. Unfortunately, drug and alcohol use, misuse and abuse is a leading cause of costly performance issues on the job.

We help mitigate risks with Drug & Alcohol Testing Services

As the largest drug and alcohol testing provider in Canada, we are well-equipped to manage your testing needs and processes. We offer easy booking, quick and accurate results, and strict adherence to privacy and confidentiality protocols, with a commitment to delivering high quality testing at a competitive price. And if the integrity of your results is ever called into question, our knowledgeable, certified, Canadian-licensed Medical Review Officers can provide expert witness consultation and testimony.

DOT-Regulated »

If you or your workers operate certain commercial vehicles in the U.S. (such as buses, trucks, or a transporter of hazardous materials), you may be a U.S. DOT-regulated employer, where testing is mandatory. Certain railway workers, pipeline workers, aviation workers, and marine industry workers may also fall into this category.

Non-Regulated/Workplace »

If you and your workers are not impacted by U.S. DOT regulations, you are a non-regulated employer. We call these companies “Workplace” clients.

Government and the Community »

If you are a municipality, provincial or federal government agency, or a charity or non-profit group, find information here on our testing programs.

Child Protection Agencies »

If you are a child protection agency that requires drug and/or alcohol testing, you’ll find information on our objective and defensible testing services here.

Individuals »

If you suspect someone close to you of using/abusing drugs and/or alcohol, if you are legally required to be tested, or if you want to demonstrate your alcohol and/or drug-test status, you’ll find information on our services here.

1. Lynds, Corinne. “Combatting alcohol and drug use in the workplace.” Canadian Manufacturing, 14 October 2009. Web. 23 July 2013.