Employee Assistance program

Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) are designed to be confidential, simple and easy-to-access professional services that help employees and their families who are struggling with an issue in their lives, including but not limited to stress, work, family relationships, finances, mental health, substance abuse or addictions. DriverCheck has partnered with Essential Organizational Services to facilitate and deliver this valuable service. In time of struggle, an EAP program offers an outlet for those seeking help and confidentially. 

Service Overview

  • 24/7 helpline services are available for an immediate response to a crisis or stress. Counsellors are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 

  • Employees and immediate family members are entitled to brief, solution-focused therapy. Treatment can be provided face-to-face, via telephone, or through secure online video or texting.

  • Life coaching helps plan life goals and make a positive life change in almost any area.

  • Legal services offer access to experienced lawyers who provide sound legal advice.

  • Financial consultations through financial professionals offer assistance with budgeting, debt management, goal setting, and retirement or education savings guidance. 

  • Nutrition consultations through registered dieticians offer advice about weight loss, healthy eating, and risks related to high blood pressure, cancer or diabetes.

  • “Just-In-Time” manager consultations provide advice and coaching for managers and key personnel so that they are better able to handle difficult workplace issues.

  • A child and eldercare resource-finding service.

 Typical treatment plans include four sessions. When employees need additional support beyond the EAP program, the counsellor will facilitate a referral to other resources. Employees are eligible for a maximum of twelve sessions in any calendar year.