Medical Staffing

Keeping medical care on site

For employers operating in remote environments, on site emergency and clinical medical care leads to savings. With an aging labour force, the need for medical aid for non-work related illnesses is more prevalent than ever. Statistics show non-occupational/non-emergency illnesses and injuries account for up to 80-90% of all clinical visits at industrial health centres. Minimizing transfers to these facilities will lower your costs, disability payments, and help maintain productivity at your site. DriverCheck can provide you with all of the remote medical services you require – from primary care and occupational health to drug and alcohol testing and emergency medical services – giving you a one-stop shop for all of your workplace medical needs.

Our one-stop shop saves you time and money

Many companies offer remote medical services, and most are run by paramedics – which is great for emergency care – but they can’t offer more than that. We not only provide both advanced emergency services and clinical care, we can bundle these services with your occupational health, drug and alcohol testing, and other programs into one complete package. Our team of clinic staff are not only qualified to provide clinical care, they are also certified to do breath alcohol testing, drug collections, and conduct a broad range of occupational health services.

Under the guidance of an experienced emergency physician, our remote medical services will save your company time, reduce the potential for shut-downs, and keep workers on the job. We will develop Emergency Response Plans for all of your locations and work with your team to establish a customized, corporate Medical Emergency Response Plan, including deployment of appropriate equipment (ECVs/MTCs) and personnel (Paramedic or EMTs) that ensures your workers and contractors receive high quality care and treatment. Partnering with us might be the most important life-saving, risk management move you make.


24/7 On-Call Medical Oversight

As Oil Sands projects evolve into communities and workers age, advanced primary and emergency care is essential. Ensuring this care is effectively delivered requires medical oversight by a corporate medical director who is ultimately responsible for the actions of nurses and paramedics who staff on-site clinics.

With the breadth and depth of DriverCheck’s medical expertise, we are well-equipped to become your provider of on-call emergency services, offering 24/7 availability and the fastest turnaround times in the industry. Our physicians are experienced in the field and are Canadian-trained emergency specialist physicians with an extensive background in occupational health. Our services include:

  • Review your company’s medical directives and protocols to ensure medical personnel have the right qualifications and experience

  • Provide medical oversight 24/7

  • Offer sound medical advice with a guaranteed response time of 5 minutes, and an average response time of less than 2 minutes

  • Offer treatment recommendations, medication orders, issue prescriptions

  • Oversee the operation of on-site clinics

  • Provide a secure electronic medical record system that will create a record for every call, record and store medical records of all remote clinic visits, and receive photos or digital files securely for emergency physician review

Clinical Services

The experts on our team have been providing a high level of clinical care since the 1980s, when DriverCheck’s founder, Dr. Chris Page recognized and responded to the need for this service in his community. As an emergency physician who treated too many non-emergent cases over 20 years, Dr. Page decided to spearhead the development of four urgent care clinics, all of which continue to be successful to this day.

Our clinical services will grow with your operations. From the basic first aid facility or mobile treatment centre, to a fully functional occupational/non-occupational clinic that treats your workers on site – we reduce down time and facilitate return to work outcomes. This helps minimize the impact of your operations on local health resources and decreases the amount of time lost transporting your workers (often in poor driving conditions) to an institutional health centre. Our team of emergency and occupational health physicians, nurse practitioners and assistants, paramedics, and emergency medical technicians is fully registered and licensed to practice in your jurisdiction with experience in remote settings.

We customize our services to meet your needs, and will develop an integrated medical model that includes:

  • Primary Care
    In addition to understanding the criticality of emergency response we follow evidence based, provincially and federally accepted treatment protocols. A majority of cases will be non-occupational related (about 80%) and non-emergency in nature. The bulk of adult care in industrial settings can be managed using the Clinical Practice Protocols for Nurses in Primary Care – a treatment manual designed for remote northern settings. This manual and each protocol within it is reviewed, revised and approved directly by our Medical Director. All nursing staff are tested on their knowledge through continuing education that is also documented.

  • Diagnostic Imaging
    - Ultrasounds
    - X-Rays

  • Medical Surveillance

  • Chest X-Rays

  • Pulmonary Function Testing

  • Audiometric Testing

  • Respirator Fit Testing

  • Occupational Medical Examination

  • Alcohol and Drug Testing

As your remote medical needs change and evolve, so too will the services we provide you with.

Emergency Medical Services

DriverCheck has an exceptional complement of paramedics and emergency medical technicians to provide medical care in the field (pre-hospital first aid facilities, mobile treatment and emergency conveyance vehicles) and in our clinical environments. Our team is highly qualified and experienced in remote areas.

When it comes to emergency care, our approach is flexible and tailored to your needs. We provide you with the appropriate combination of nurses, paramedics, and emergency medical technicians and responders. We will also play an active role in your remote industrial setting in order to enhance and foster our standard of excellence in emergency care and industry best practice.

Consulting Services

At DriverCheck, we recognize that some companies prefer to establish their own clinical and emergency response departments and services. We can help you achieve this. In conjunction with our Medical Oversight Physician, we offer an array of services aimed at optimizing worker health and patient outcomes through a cost-saving model. Throughout the consultation process, we help you determine current and future requirements for the provision of on-site medical care, aid you in the implementation and ongoing management of your operations, and/or provide you with the appropriate staffing at one location, multiple locations, or across your entire corporation.

We can work with you to:

      • Design an effective treatment facility

      • Acquire the necessary supplies and equipment

      • Develop policies, procedures and audit tools to ensure that all checks and balances are in place

      • Assist in staff recruitment and training