1996: The Inception of DriverCheck

DriverCheck was born from an idea, a plan, and a truckload of ambition to fuel it. Dr. Chris Page, a former emergency physician, noticed the U.S. Department of Transportation was about to make drug and alcohol testing for foreign commercial drivers who travel on U.S. highways mandatory. After earning his Medical Review Officer certification, Dr. Page began acquiring clients in the industry who would soon be impacted by the newly imposed regulations.

Dr. Page set out to make the drug and alcohol testing process as cost-efficient as possible, hiring a U.S. laboratory and courier services because Canadian laboratories didn’t have the required certification (DriverCheck now uses Canadian laboratories for testing). Dr. Page also approached medical clinics and truck stops along Ontario’s busiest highway to start developing a network of collection sites.

Soon the operation moved out of a one-man office to Dr. Page’s barn where company meetings were held in a makeshift boardroom that also housed a John Deere Tractor. His daughter Maggie and her co-worker Dianne were DriverCheck’s first official employees. They shared a computer and used a green rotary phone that needed some finessing in order to make a call. Alive with entrepreneurial spirit, DriverCheck began to thrive. These days, Maggie and Dianne are members of a strong Executive Team.

1998: The Acquisition of CanStaff

In 1998, DriverCheck bought CanStaff, a national provider of drug and alcohol testing. This purchase substantially increased our market share in the industry.

2001 and Beyond: The Stone Era

By 2001, DriverCheck had outgrown the rustic comfort of the barn and moved into our new headquarters—a 6,000 square foot stone building in the village of Ayr, Ontario, one of the busiest trucking hubs in the country.

2004: Merger with HealthStar

In 2004, DriverCheck integrated with HealthStar, a national provider of drug and alcohol testing. With this merger, we increased our focus on occupational health. HealthStar’s owner, Dr. Barry Kurtzer, is a renowned Medical Review Officer who began working in occupational medicine in the 1970s. With his knowledge and experience, DriverCheck is able to provide clients with yet another essential service – expert witness testimony – should they be challenged in court.

2006: Double the family

By 2006, the exponential growth of the business required an addition of another 6,000 square feet to accommodate DriverCheck’s growing customer service, booking, accounting and results departments. Even with the expansion, the family-owned charm still radiates through the walls of DriverCheck’s headquarters. We have come a very long way, and are leaving a trail of success with every step forward. It proves that anything is possible when you combine strong vision with teamwork and determination.

In 2006, DriverCheck acquired AccuTest, a drug and alcohol testing provider based in Winnipeg, Manitoba. This purchase enabled us to continue expanding our market share west.

2011: Acquisition of OSAD

With the acquisition of drug and alcohol testing provider OSAD in 2011, we expanded our mobile and emergency testing network across Canada. By taking on OSAD’s former clients, DriverCheck increased the number of child protection agencies it serves.

2011: Canada Wide Mobile

In 2011, DriverCheck bought Canada Wide Mobile, a provider of drug and alcohol testing and occupational health services. This purchase enabled us to grow our occupational health infrastructure, mobile and emergency testing network, as well as secure a larger presence in Alberta, with an expanded client base there and DriverCheck’s own collection site in Fort McMurray.