Fitness for Duty Summit Guest Speaker | Corporal Richard Nowak

We are ecstatic to announce that Corporal Richard Nowak from the RCMP will be joining the Fitness for Duty Summit as a guest speaker! Cpl. Nowak will present on police enforcement of drug impaired driving.

RCMP Corporal Richard Nowak is the Provincial Coordinator for the Drug Recognition Expert program in Alberta. Cpl. Nowak has over twelve years of operational policing experience with the RCMP including several postings in Alberta.

Clearing the Air: Helpful Hints for DOT Clearinghouse | Episode 2

We are here to "clear the air" surrounding your US DOT Clearinghouse questions! To do this, we have created a new series titled "Clearing the Air: Helpful Hints for DOT Clearinghouse" hosted by DriverCheck Privacy and Compliance Coordinator, Branden Kearse.

In these short videos, Branden will answer questions such as "What is the Clearinghouse", "What will employers need to do to stay compliant", "How will drivers be identified in the Clearinghouse" and many more.

Fitness for Duty Summit Speaker Spotlight | Meet Chris Wilkinson

Chris’s responsibilities at DriverCheck include client management, onboarding of new accounts, and consulting existing and prospective clients on fitness for duty programs for a variety of industries.

Chris has over 6 years of fitness for duty experience ranging from Third Party Provider management, collection site management, a variety of training courses and policy development.

Fitness for Duty Summit Speaker Spotlight | Meet Dr. Melissa Snider-Alder

Dr. Melissa Snider-Adler is the Chief Medical Review Officer for DriverCheck and is a Board certified Addiction Medicine Physician. Melissa is an Assistant Professor at Queen's University Department of Family Medicine educating residents about addiction medicine.

With her MRO knowledge and her background in Addiction Medicine, she often works with companies across Canada to develop and update their Alcohol and Drug Testing Programs.

Fitness for Duty Summit Speaker Spotlight | Meet Allan Kehler

Allan Kehler is a highly sought-after motivational speaker. He is a best-selling author, and sheds light on the prevalent issues of addictions, stress, and mental health. After spending years persevering through his own mental health issues and substance use, Allan made a decision to use his own life experiences to assist others. Allan’s professional experience includes clinical case manager, addictions counselor and instructor at several colleges. Drawing from both these personal and professional experiences, Allan confidently conveys how to create a safe, compassionate, and supportive environment that proactively addresses issues of mental wellness.

New Reporting Statuses – Occupational Health Services

On Monday, August 26, we launched our updated reporting statuses as outlined in the document link below. In our continued effort to refine our service offerings to serve you better, we are streamlining our reporting of fitness-for-duty determinations. In addition to the status changes, will be reporting all occupational results independently of the alcohol and/or drug results as a standard process, unless otherwise specified and requested in writing.