DriverCheck Celebrates 20th Anniversary!

DriverCheck Inc. is pleased to announce that it is celebrating its 20th anniversary this summer. Founded in 1996 by Dr. Chris Page and his wife, Dr. Mary-Jean Page, DriverCheck has grown to become Canada’s leading provider of workplace medical testing and assessments in Canada. Without our loyal customers and industry partners, DriverCheck could not have achieved this success. For that we are thankful!

In 1996, Dr. Chris Page had been working in Emergency Medicine for twenty years and had opened two urgent care clinics in Kitchener. Although, he loved what he was doing, he wanted a new challenge. He became aware of the new DOT regulations regarding Drug and Alcohol for cross-border drivers, and knew this was his opportunity.

Dr. Chris Page describes, “After practising emergency medicine for over twenty years, I was ready for a new challenge. Emergency medicine is the most exciting form of medical care, and I absolutely loved it. But, I wanted to do something more, and wanted to start a business with my wife Mary-Jean. We became aware that the US DOT was going to legislate alcohol and drug testing, and I immediately knew this was a market to be in.

Dr. Mary-Jean Page explains, “We have many fond memories from the early years. We were two people with a vision. In 1996, we started the first DriverCheck office on our farm just outside of Ayr. We didn’t need much space, so we just moved the filing cabinets next to the tractor. We made it work.”

Today, DriverCheck now has 140 employees located across Canada. They have conducted over 2 million tests and boast over 5,000 existing customers.

“We recognized that there was a massive challenge in Canada obtaining quick lab results. So, I became one of the first Canadian Physicians to be a U.S. Certified Medical Review Officer. I immediately sought out to be the Canadian leader for alcohol and drug testing in the DOT transportation industry. From the beginning, DriverCheck was able to offer ‘next day turnaround’ for lab results – something no other company was able to do in Canada,” says Dr. Chris Page.

Dr. Chris Page continues, “Medicine comes first, business second. I think it’s rare for business to have this approach. We are a family run business and abide by a high standard of ethics. We always want to deliver the best medicine. It’s good for the patient, the client, and should be the standard of all organizations.

About DriverCheck Inc.:

As Canada’s ‘Fitness for Duty’ leader, DriverCheck’s top priority is the safety of your staff and workplace. Since its inception in 1996, DriverCheck has grown to become the leading provider of medical testing and assessments in the country. Physician-owned and operated, DriverCheck strives to provide superior medicine and best practices in all medical testing. DriverCheck was one of the first Third Party Administrators in Canada to offer DOT-regulated alcohol and drug testing. Currently, DriverCheck serves over 5,000 employers, with access to over 1,000 testing facilities strategically located across the country, providing easy access to all medical services. With a proven track record of sustainability, DriverCheck conducts over 240,000 medical tests annually in a variety of industries including transportation, oil & gas, mining, government, forestry and medical. Our diverse service offerings include alcohol and drug testing, fatigue management, occupational health and injury management programs (including remote medical services). DriverCheck’s head office is located in the village of Ayr, the heart of Ontario’s transportation hub.