DriverCheck partners with MedSleep to provide sleep apnea testing and fatigue management

AYR, ONTARIO, October 31, 2010 – DriverCheck is pleased to announce it has joined forces with Canada’s top sleep experts to help employers address the issue of fatigue – a serious concern in safety-sensitive work environments.

MedSleep is widely experienced in the field of sleep disorders medicine, and DriverCheck is a leading provider of workplace medical testing and assessments in Canada.

“Our partnership marries expertise in two relevant fields – sleep medicine, and occupational medicine,” says Connor Page, Business Development Manager at DriverCheck.

“Not only can we help companies develop shift-work schedules that minimize the risk of fatigue during work hours, we test their employees for sleep apnea, which is one of the leading causes of fatigue.”

The Sleep Apnea Testing Program is unique in Canada in that it provides employees with timely access to sleep physicians and faster turnaround times. MedSleep has the largest network of sleep labs and sleep physicians in Canada.

“Through quick access to testing, diagnosis and treatment, we can help clients address the negative effects of fatigue without disrupting an employer’s operations,” says Page.

DriverCheck and MedSleep’s comprehensive six-step Sleep Apnea Program includes:

  • Helping your company develop a fatigue management policy

  • Educating your employees and training management and safety personnel on the program

  • Screening employees for sleep apnea

  • Diagnosis by qualified professionals

  • Providing employees with the best treatment available

  • Monitoring and coaching employees to make sure the treatment is working for them

About DriverCheck Inc.

DriverCheck is a national provider of drug and alcohol testing and occupational health services. The physician-owned and operated company serves 6,000 clients across Canada and has a nationwide network of over 700 collection sites and clinics.

About MedSleep

MedSleep is a physician-owned and operated national provider of sleep medicine services. The company performs over 10,000 sleep studies annually in Canada, and has the largest number of Board Certified Sleep Physicians in the country.