DriverCheck Provides Input on Proposed Drug and Alcohol Testing Clearinghouse

We are pleased to announce that DriverCheck has provided the U.S. Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) with an official comment on its proposed rule to establish a drug and alcohol testing clearinghouse.

The proposed clearinghouse is a database under the FMCSA’s administration that will contain controlled substances (drug) and alcohol test result information for the holders of commercial driver’s licenses who are subject to DOT regulated testing.

The FMCSA says making this information available to employers will make it easier for them to determine if a truck or bus driver is prohibited from driving a commercial motor vehicle for failing to comply with DOT testing regulations, including all mandatory testing requirements and, where applicable, compliance with all return-to-duty and follow-up assessment and testing requirements following testing rule violations.

As Canada’s leading provider of Third Party Administrator and Medical Review Officer services for alcohol and drug testing, DriverCheck felt it necessary to comment on the proposed rule from the perspective of the DOT rules and regulations themselves, and to ensure that Canada’s special needs and issues relating to privacy, human rights, and security of information are met.

Our comments include questions around the clearinghouse’s application to Canadian carriers and drivers, privacy issues surrounding the proposal to maintain a copy of a driver’s licence for ID purposes, as well as when and under which circumstances reporting should be mandatory for employers. A copy of our comments can be viewed in the Federal Register’s Docket Browser.

Under the recently extended comment period, stakeholders now have until May 21st to submit their comments.

About DriverCheck Inc.

DriverCheck Inc. is a national provider of drug and alcohol testing, fatigue management and occupational health services. The physician-owned and operated company serves 6,000 clients across Canada and has a nationwide network of over 700 collection sites and clinics.