Fitness for Duty Summit Speaker Spotlight | Meet Paul Radkowski

Meet Paul Radkowski
BA Psych, MTS(PC), OACCPP,CEO/Clinical Director/Psychotherapist

Paul is an internationally awarded therapist, speaker, and founder of the Life Recovery Program
In addition to his extensive work in addiction, he has consulted with

numerous agencies, hospitals and treatment settings working with groups, families, and individuals as a Family and Marriage Therapist, Crisis Counselor and Trauma Specialist.

We Asked Paul to Introduce Himself!

Watch the below video to learn more about Paul, what you will take away from his presentation, and why he works safe for the moments that matter! 

Healthy Minds, Healthy Workplace – Psychological Health & Safety in Your Organization

• Leave with a greater awareness and understanding of mental health, addiction issues and what can be done about it
• How to identify some of the signs/symptoms of mental health/addiction issues and understanding what it's like to "walk in the other person's shoes"
• Identify some of the basic brain/biological underpinnings of what leads to someone developing mental health/addiction issues and its medical consequences
• How to identify the signs of workplace Burn Out, its main contributors and why its becoming a huge problem
• Understand the responsibilities for employers – simple do's, don'ts and how to get support

See you in October,

DC Team