Fitness for Duty Summit Speaker Spotlight | Meet Chris Wilkinson


Chris’s responsibilities at DriverCheck include client management, onboarding of new accounts, and consulting existing and prospective clients on fitness for duty programs for a variety of industries.

Chris has over 6 years of fitness for duty experience ranging from Third Party Provider management, collection site management, a variety of training courses and policy development.

Chris is also one of DC’s subject matter experts and presents on a variety of topics across Canada including cannabis challenges in the workplace and supervisor training. Formal education includes a business diploma from Humber College and a human resources certificate from Conestoga College, working toward the Canadian Human Resources Professional designation.


Supervisor Training (Reasonable Cause) Summary
Chris Wilkinson, Program Consultant, DriverCheck Inc.

Course Content

  • Overview of a Company Drug and Alcohol Workplace Policy

  • Supervisors’ Responsibilities

  • Signs and Symptoms of Misuse and Potential Health Effects

  • Determining Reasonable Cause/Suspicion

o Step 1: Observe
o Step 2: Confirm
o Step 3: Document
o Step 4: Meet
- Difficult Situation
- Supervisor Traps

o Step 5: Testing
- Dos and Don’ts for supervisors
- Protecting Confidentiality

See you in October,

DC Team