New Reporting Statuses – Occupational Health Services

On Monday, August 26, we launched our updated reporting statuses as outlined in the document link below. In our continued effort to refine our service offerings to serve you better, we are streamlining our reporting of fitness-for-duty determinations. In addition to the status changes, will be reporting all occupational results independently of the alcohol and/or drug results as a standard process, unless otherwise specified and requested in writing.

Occupational Health Reporting via eManda

As a reminder, each service, or test, in eManda is associated with a corresponding status. It is our goal to make statuses as descriptive and transparent as possible while using real-time communication. Which means that a candidate’s/worker’s status could be updated several times in eManda as they move through the review process. For all results, please ensure you are opening the result letter as this is where we will communicate additional information. The purpose of this transition is to optimize the communication and efficiency between DriverCheck and our clients, while successfully helping you to build healthy and safe workforces.

If you have any questions or concerns related to the above, please contact DriverCheck’s Occupational Health Team by phone at (800) 463-4310 option 5 or emailing


DC Team