Fitness for Duty Summit Speaker Spotlight | Meet Allan Kehler

Meet Allan Kehler

Allan Kehler is a highly sought-after motivational speaker. He is a best-selling author, and sheds light on the prevalent issues of addictions, stress, and mental health. After spending years persevering through his own mental health issues and substance use, Allan made a decision to use his own life experiences to assist others. Allan’s professional experience includes clinical case manager, addictions counselor and instructor at several colleges. Drawing from both these personal and professional experiences, Allan confidently conveys how to create a safe, compassionate, and supportive environment that proactively addresses issues of mental wellness.

Allan’s mission is to empower
people to LIVE
opposed to merely exist.

2019 Fitness for Duty Summit Keynote Speaker

Removing the Mask: Creating Wellness in the Workplace
Allan Kehler, Out From the Shadows Consulting

• Examine the impact that mental health has on the individual, the workplace, and society as a whole
• Understand how to approach and support individuals who are experiencing distress
• Examine the relationship that exists between performance and stress
• Review strategies that promote personal and professional wellness

See you in October,

DC Team